Blakespear’s thought on protesting during Covid just before George Floyd riots

“I’m proud of the vast majority of Encinitas residents who recognize the urgency of these pandemic measures, and are staying home to protect themselves and the rest of us.

Crista being harassed by Blakespear’s henchmen. Blakespear LOVES harassing and intimidating locals

But if you’re someone who has any inclination to protest the beach closures this weekend by breaking the law, please think twice and stay home. The coast is starting to re-open in two short days, and the Sheriff’s Department says they’ll be taking a zero-tolerance approach to violations of the health order this weekend. If there is any mass effort to surge into the ocean and violate the county health order, the deputies will wait out the violators and issue them citations when they exit. The citation is a misdemeanor, which is a criminal violation that can result in a fine up to $1,000.

Blakespear loves to over abuse her power. Encinitas wrote more tickets that day than any other town in San Diego.

Some of you may have heard that last weekend about a hundred protesters who started at Swami’s Beach walked at least 20 minutes through neighborhoods to my personal residence on Sunday morning to protest beach closures and voice other grievances. Like you, mayors live in their own private homes with their families (unlike some state governors who are provided taxpayer-funded residences and security personnel.) 

1 protester gets arrested from a tiny event by Crista
By comparison, why is Blakespear allowed to take advantage of her mayoral power to push her “own self” interests?

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Our may has preached to us how dangerous this epidemic is and then throws the biggest water rally in California history

Blakespear’s thought during Covid after the George Floyd riots started. Lots of photo and media opportunities

“Some have wondered how and why people are risking public health to protest during this pandemic. That same question arose a month ago when people were protesting stay-at-home orders and demanding that beaches re-open. Now, despite those protests and the re-opening of things such as beaches, businesses serving the public, and parks, the number of positive cases in the county continues to be relatively flat. For tens of thousands of people nationwide, the urgency of raising a collective voice against racism and systemic injustice is overshadowing the risks from the coronavirus. I see many people who are balancing their internal call to participate in this extraordinary movement with their desire to protect public health by showing up to stand in solidarity while wearing the facial coverings, and working to keep distance from others. It’s still a requirement under the county health order to wear a facial covering in public when coming within 6-feet of others. 

This mayor encouraged multiple rallies because shes’ a narcissist before a concerned mayor.

In life, there are rarely perfect answers. Coronavirus is deadly, but so is systemic racism.

I’d like to offer my heartfelt thank-you to everyone who cares about these important issues and is fighting to build more justice into all of our lives.”

The first rally. Blakespear treated the organizer like a subhuman. Then her henchpeople went berserk on Crista who wanted to protest her rights

Like the rest of us, Crista was on lockdown and forced to stay in her home. She is highly educated, has a degree in law, and had been doing her homework on the disease. She had spoken with many people from San Diego who felt like they were being oppressed after weeks of being stuck in the house.

Blakespear had shut down a walking trail as well as the beach as a “safety” precaution. Crista noticed that hundreds of people were walking along the coast brushing up against each other and didn’t want to catch anything, she simply wanted more room to “social distance.” Finally she talked to a small handful of friends who they planned on doing a tiny peaceful protest, maybe 10 or 15 people at most, but a couple hundred people showed up.

A mayor who can’t stand different political views is not fit to lead. Everybody is NOT the same nor do they have to be.

She believes that maybe something on social media went viral and more concerned people showed up. She became worried when this many people showed up because all of Encinitas knows Blakespear has a heavy hand and just issued 25 tickets to people who were sitting in their car. There wasn’t anything she could do but she tried her hardest to make sure everybody was peaceful.

She noted that somehow a bunch of people in the front of the group went on some side streets so the rest of the group followed. They ended up by Blakespear’s home. Blakespear has caused so much devastation to other residents when she invited America’s homeless here. Residents homes and cars are being broken into. People are urinating and defecating on lawns. Residents are in constant fear because homeless crazies are coming her from all over America and many are criminals.

Protest at Blakespear’s house. She loves to dish out belittling and shaming snippets at the residents but can’t handle her own medicine.

The mayor said that the appropriate place to protest is at City Hall. That differs from her party who targets Republicans who are much further up than her. They target them at dinner, target their homes and even Maxine Waters said to get in their faces. It sounds like Blakespear likes to dish it out but doesn’t like to take it.

Because of a few simple protests, Crista said she has been crucified by the media and the radicals in the community. She’s had death threats, men telling her they are going to do horrible things to her and was labeled and defamed on social media all over town. She was shamed all over the news from national media to the local media but what hurt the most was her own community decimating her.

Here is some of the personal attacks that Crista had. I wouldn’t be surprised if this brainwashed person was supporting more rallies a week later. Some people just don’t understand that media has an agenda. This is how Hitler brainwashed Germans into becoming Nazis.

She doesn’t understand why she doesn’t have a right to speak? A couple of local Facebook Groups who are loaded with radicals who favor the mayor have called her everything in the book. Both Facebook groups are Encinitas Votes and Encinitas Unity. Both groups are filled with loyalist to Blakespear who attack anybody who’s views differ from theres.

Everybody in Encinitas who are radicals shamed and demeaned Crista of spreading the virus and being reckless to our community. Well, that was at least until it was their turn.

A different story when Blakespear decides to organize her own rally

A mayor isn’t elected to be political and choose sides. She is obligated to treat all residents equally.

As our mayor sat home with a smile squashing a young woman’s simple desire to exercise something else was brewing, George Floyd was murdered by a cop. She began to see protests all over the country and was willing to EAT HER OWN LIES, MORALS and POOR LACK OF JUDGEMENT just so she could catch some media attention.

Mayor Blakespear went next level and authorized the largest gathering protest on the beach in California history. Did she not just forget she had threatened to have her Sheriff arrest Crista? How hypocritical. This event at Moonlight beach was by far the biggest paddle out in history. Oh, you can’t wear a mask in the water either. Everything she said about Crista and her “justice movement” she forgot in one swift “political opportunity.”

It didn’t just stop at thousands of people at this one event, Blakespear encouraged protest after protest with a complete disregard for the lives of the community. This was NOT Encinitas only or fractionally paddling out, she had people flying in from all over the planet to …. catch Covid. This action is so wreckless she should automatically step down for the harm and disease that she spread.

Blakespear the dictator cast out the evil Coronavirus so she can get on TV.

She could have had a small Encinitas local protest at the City Hall like she said, but she has double standards. This decision to have the largest paddle our in Encinitas history skyrocketed numbers from 2,000 in mid April when Crista protested to between 8,000 to 13,000 cases now. What kind of governing is this? This mayor is out of control and completely unhinged.

The mayor believed this number was so dangerous she threatened to lock up Crista and throw her in jail? This is called a double standard.
The mayor is somehow logically OK with these staggering numbers to encourage thousands to come to Encinitas?

This is what happens when you elect a mayor who couldn’t even accomplish the lowest act of buying a home. She has no “skin in the Encinitas game” and can’t relate to “real people” who made it. She got like a $14,000 salary, thinks she’s Hillary Clinton and figuring out she’s likely not capable of making a high “honest” income. This may explain why she is bouncing all over the place like a 3rd grader.

She’ll be gone in November and she’s done. Go get some work experience, become successful and then come back and play.

Here’s some drone footage or the first protest than almost landed Crista in jail.

But this had the full blessing of our hypocritical mayor he encouraged thousands to on multiple days. This is only one day

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