They can’t both be right so who’s lying?

Blakespear is not afraid to show her ignorance of common sense and logic

Every mayor or elected official that takes a HEAP Grant knows that it attracts more homeless, vagrants and criminals. The main element of the grant is it follows a “housing first“ guideline. This guideline specifically does not allow any form of background checks nor obligations. It also forces the police to tone down their enforcement.

That means any town stupid enough to take this money is open season for anybody from homeless, murderer, drug addict, mentally ill and any criminal. HEAP stands for “ homeless emergency aid program“ and “no questions asked.” Of course this grant turned Encinitas into a DUMP as we can clearly see.

On the other side of the page you have Mayor Faulkner doing the exact opposite of what we are doing, focusing on the safety of the residents. It’s plain as day Faulkner is listening to his voters and taking action to protect theIr rights. Protecting the residents is #1 on his list as opposed to the Encinitas cesspool.

You don’t have to dig too deep to see that Blakespear gave our sheriff specific parameters, which is probably a gopher hole located on the side of a cliff inside of the Ecke Ranch. The statement comes as no surprise from anybody and Blakespear’s sphere because they all struggle with truth and transparency.

Vote her out in November!!!

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