As rumors of corruption in local Encinitas nonprofit are being investigated a bombshell is discovered!

Absolute proof of collusion by nonprofits against the community of Encinitas.

For weeks our investigators have been working on stories directly related to Encinitas Community Resource Center employees stealing donated clothes and pocketing money from the sales of those clothes, today a mega bombshell occurred. One of our investigators uncovered a confidential email from Jewish Family Services that was sent out to their nonprofit connections.

Encinitas Watchdog has been saying it all along.

Some of the bombshells were designed mislead residents about homeless parking. The homeless parking lot awarded a generous contract to Jewish Family Services who can gain millions of dollars by using our town. It looks like their “Call To Action” encouraged many nonprofits to put on a show of force for 3 meeting in January. The first meeting was at the Leichtag Foundation on 1/12, the second was at our “OWN” Encinitas Public Forum on 1/14 that the community believed it was only for residents and lastly the the big one on 1/22.

Kae Erickson is the girl they coached to belittle, demean and LIE to the residents of Encinitas.

The big meeting emphasized “Please mark your calendars!” They want as many neighbors as possible, any church/organization they are partnering with and she will “send a separate email for organizing speakers within your group (this includes: Showers of Blessings, Community Resource Center, Mira Costa, St. Andrews, SDUMC, etc.)

Jewish Family Services and the rest of the nonprofits brought people from all over San Diego to shame the residents into submission.

They even told people if they can’t speak show up and sign a pink slip in favor. The pink slip simply meant that more shills could come back around toward the end of the meeting when they did a name count. And this is the tactics used against the residents of Encinitas that Catherine Blakespear participated in, helped coach, and was an active participant in this entire scam on Encinitas.

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  1. The D.A. Needs to investigate this now. This looks like a direct call to action in order to get money 💰 for JFS and it’s “partners” through ginned-up community support with complicit agreement of the city, the Mayor and the City Council.

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