This was NEVER about helping the homeless, it was about USING the homeless. The mayor helps nonprofits get grants and nonprofits help the mayor to fight against the residents of Encinitas.

I don’t see much reason to go into deep detail, it’s clear as day what is going on here. Mayor Blakespear encourages and allows her nonprofits to push agenda against the better interest of the community. The nonprofits help her push her own agenda and the mayor helps the nonprofits to get grant money.

Check out that pay stub below. How does that help the homeless? It doesn’t because that was never the plan. The plan was to use our town to attract homeless and keep getting paid. What this mayor is doing to these people is inhumane, I believe a violation of their civil rights, a form of slavery, false promises and it’s disgusting. What people will do for money doesn’t get any lower than this.

If the mayor did NOT use her ARMY do you think anybody would have showed up supporting this hoax? If they had to have multiple giant foundations summons smaller nonprofits, many who they donate thousands to, the City Council meeting would have been a LOT less empty and only residents. You would have seen the real majority but instead you saw a bunch of shills.

The beginning of the email clearly showing it’s from 2 high level JFS executives sending out marching orders.
This 2nd part of the email addresses two local events. Why is a La Mesa place trying to fill Encinitas with a bunch of fakes?
The 3rd email CLEARLY shows many of their direct affiliates who gain financially from donations. This isn’t ANYBODY but the “communities” business if we want to get involved. Mayor Blakespear BLOCKED the residents and sicked her ARMY on them.
It is absolutely unbelievable that they were able to fill our City Hall with opposition, the City Council 100% in on it, and shame, belittle and degrade the residents of Encinitas. We didn’t do anything wrong. We were all interested in helping but Blakespear lied to us and told us we’d be able to get our questions answered. To this day that has never happened and now we realize it was all a lie.
Since when is taking a cut this big from a grant for the “homeless” ethical? If this was the financial industry somebody would be going to jail.
A typical morning of a near empty parking lot …. as usual. We can sit and eat popcorn and watch all of the action from my friends house… but there is no action. We can shoot pictures, videos, and prove it’s always near empty but how come the City Manager isn’t enforcing the rules? Oh, she quit and Blakespear is part of this problem.

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