They do not even try to hide their corruption

As we all know corruption in Encinitas is more obvious and apparent than any time in history.  Most have always thought of corruption as only being in Washington DC. What I’ve learned in the last 9 months is our City Council and these special interest groups make Donald Trump look like a Saint.

Blakespear colluding at St. Andrews with shills

The level of corruption by our City Council is so blatant they have disregarded their fiduciary obligations to the residents of Encinitas. Their job is to look out for the best interests of the residents who elected them. Instead it was painfully obvious they were working against us trying to push their own self serving agenda. This is illegal in most cases.

The other crazy thing is that I’ve always thought of charities as compassionate good people. That couldn’t be any further from the truth.  The people who showed up at our city council were self righteous and belittling. They orchestrated a staged assassination of the residents who expected to find out information about a parking lot. Instead they became victims of this group of people loaded with hate and vitriol.

Our city council will be forced into transparency and accountability. Going behind the back stuff for self serving purposes is going to end. We are going to stop all of the illegal activities and we will not be bullied by the mayor, her special interest groups nor her thug attorney.

I have researched methods that successful towns have implemented to improve accountability and transparency.

  • Implement an Ethics Commission
  • Hire a part-time or full-time Ethics Officer
  • Combine with other cities and towns and share the cost of a Regional Ethics Officer
  • Hire a part-time or full-time Local Inspector General
  • Expand the duties of a City Auditor to include local government investigations

These are very important actions that need to be put in place to make sure the corruption in Encinitas stops.

Blakespear coaching a group of special interest 2 days before the big City Hall meeting.

The plan to take down the corruption

We will be assembling teams of residents focusing on legal options corruption. Our goal is to expose and shut them down.  With the amount of research the residents have done we will be successful in breaking up this ring of corruption. The evidence is overwhelming and those caught breaking the law will be dealt with appropriately. There will be no peace in this town until this group is forced out of power.

Most of us worked very hard to get here, raised our families here and the beach life is our life. The idea that our mayor, Kelly Hinze and all their special interest group are just going to take everything away from us is unacceptable. These people are so privileged they have no idea what it’s like to work hard and fight for something they love. As a unified community were gonna show them what it’s like to fight and they’re gonna pay the consequences of their selfish acts.

4 Replies to “Encinitas Corruption, We’re Going To Rock You Like A Hurricane!”

  1. Encinitas residents are mostly asleep to the level of corruption. After years of litigation with the city of Encinitas, I can attest they are corrupt, and corrupt to the core! Most residents have no idea. All I can say is look forward and vote this council out!

  2. look out for those close to you, Jeff. You may not want to allow this comment to be public. Just save it for your own records. I can not comment on this publicly because of possible backlash and my position. But watch out for members of your own group. Robert Nichols is a member and he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the biggest shill of them all. There’s a reason the Surfing Madonna Oceans Project has been in the news. He’s use the charity to pay himself and his wife HUGE amounts, even allowing them to buy a home in Oregon and they still have their home in Encinitas. He’s evil and city staff could not bear to deal with his harassment any more, so they tried to sever ties with the charity. He is against everything you stand for, he’s posted pics of all this stuff he claims to donate to the homeless, but it’s all a photo op. He is in it to line his own wallet. You’ve done all this investigation into charities and you’re on the right track. If you have a mole in your group, it’s Robert Nichols, the biggest fake charity of them all. Don’t trust him. Be careful. He will tell you he’s against Catherine, but it’s all to cover his own guilt. He is no ones friend. People running charities should not pay themselves six figures.

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