Encinitas is turning into a cesspool

Blakespear is out of control

Encinitas was once a wonderful tropical paradise where folks gathered to forget about all of their problems. Now when tourists come to visit they can visibly see how shaken the residents are and they leave. The mayor is beating the life out of the residents and using fear and intimidation to try to silence them. It’s painfully apparent throughout the entire community.

There isn’t a corner of this town free from the Blakespear Beatings. She has residents up in arms in Olivenhein, Encinitas, Leucadia, Cardiff and people in general all over North County. She’s ignoring Propositions the residents voted into law and using a Propositions that residents voted against. She’s blocking residents from any input in community decisions. She turned us into a sanctuary city and is erasing our quality of life.

One can only guess or assume that she’s following Richtag’s “Master Plans” for them. It seems like everything she does lines up exactly to Richtag’s New Vision For Encinitas. Look how hard she fought to put an “empty lot” on their land to likely go around zoning laws. Look at all the money pouring in and the money going to her nonprofits. These are the people she pitted against the residents to help push their money agenda.

At this point it’s fair to say our town is DEAD like the fish killed by the red tide we had all summer. The only thing alive is the little nonprofit squeakers on social media blasting away at residents who care for our community. The little tiny groups with their hands out waiting for contracts, taxpayer grants, Richtag grants and Blakespear’s blessing is the only life in this town. I call that “white collar welfare.”

It’s time to put an end to this. People need to stop letting political ideologies replace their judgement. Encinitas as a town has deteriorated physically but many of the resident’s minds have been brainwashed. Blakespear is sucking the life out of this town and Encinitas desperately needs to reverse course. Coastal communities are a “precious limited resource” and we can’t handle the big city cesspool attributes.

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