Blindsided by Blakespear

In mid November of last year Mayor Blakespear decided to turn Encinitas into a homeless sanctuary city. She set up her fake City Hall meeting, had all of her coached shills lined up and completely bulldozed our town. From that point on beautiful crown jewel beach community has never been the same.

Blakespears first official homeless camp loaded with hundreds of drug needles

By mid December homeless on foot, homeless in cars and van lifers were pouring in from all corners of America. They set up camp all over Encinitas, filled our parking lots, started selling their drugs and doing everything our mayor promised would not happen.

This was a nice fellow from Vermont but we have kids to worry about

I spoke with Jesse from Colorado, a van lifer, drug addict, felon who stabbed another person. Jesse and I talked about all of the different types of drugs he uses and they are all over Encinitias. “Encinitas has a lot of methamphetamine with fentanyl” Jesse explained “and you have to be careful of the bathrooms.” He went on to explain all of the fascinating diseases he had caught from HIV, cellulitis, MRSA and many others. Now that Encinitas is a “homeless friendly” town he’s living out his dream as a resident.

Unfortunately for Jesse, and 1/2 of America, the parking lot didn’t welcome the masses as advertised. In fact the magic parking lot turned almost everybody away who came to town. The majority of the people didn’t know you had to have a car to get that fake help. No worries though, Jesse said “Encinitas is paradise, who wouldn’t want to live here.” Live here?

Jesse from Colorado living his dream in Encinitas

Blakespear knew the HEAP Grant would turn us into a sanctuary city

That HEAP grant that Blakespear back stabbed every resident in Encinitas to get prevents the law from doing their job. That’s why you are seeing our “new residents” defecating and urinating all over town. It’s a great sight for our kids. It’s interesting how Blakespear managed to allow her bosses, the special interest groups, to take almost 99% of the money. I guess that’s a fair trade for the homeless though. Homeless can be tossed on the street in Arizona getting no help or tossed on the street in paradise. Which would you choose?

This is going to be the new norm folks if you don’t step up. Every homeless person she invites to our town is not screened and crimes and drugs are skyrocketing. Are you worried about our children? We’ve already had one disappear in a camp overnight and wasn’t found until the next day by San Diego Search & Rescue. Mayor Blakespear blew it off and Sheriff misled us like it was a game. No big deal, just collateral damage.

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