No logical group can think they are just going to take over a community. These are excerpts from their literature and full stories can be continued at end of story.

Imagine an Encinitas where the local institutions are transformed a nd enriched and become the leaders in the future of the regional community, enhancing the quality of life for all of the communities.

Given the Foundation’s mission of igniting and inspiring Jewish life, advancing self-sufficiency, and stimulating social entrepreneurship in coastal North San Diego County and Jerusalem, what is a program for the next five years for the property?

The New Vision For Encinitas by some group that popped out of nowhere

Encinitas is noted as a community that values nature, that respects diversity and that desires a sustainable base that will ensure healthy and creative citizens throughout their lives. But how do we make sure this happens? What kind of places do we set upon the land to guarantee a true sustainability for Encinitas, and contribute to the sustainability of our region? And where do we place them? How are they

What are the land-use policies currently in place that encourage/discourage the potential redevelopment and rezoning of Leichtag Commons with uses identified as acceptable by the Foundation? What are some strategies the Leichtag Foundation can use to catalyze the process to change the policy or zoning?

They are turning residents against each other. Everybody is fighting, shaming, demeaning, hating. What are we, animals?

Cultural assets include:
• Jewish values and the Foundation’s mission
• Grant making with Jerusalem
• Perpetuating education and cultivating Jewish
values among Jewish youth

In general terms, what is the potential economic development impact for the site considering the potential uses? What is the potential economic impact to the Foundation to go through the rezoning and entitlement process? What are some of the external conditions that could impact the realization of that potential?

The story is a nice one but this is the reality of the failed parking lot, keeping most of the money

What are the key physical connections within the neighborhood and to downtown Encinitas that should be maintained or considered for the future? Neighbors include the Seacrest Retirement Village, EUSD Farmlab, Encinitas Ranch, The Magdalena Ecke YMCA, and the San Diego Botanical Garden. What linkages to downtown
Encinitas, such as bike lanes, sidewalks, and trail systems should be considered?

Encinitas was once the crown jewel of North County but we’ve been turned into California’s homeless dumping grounds

We believe that a unique location in Encinitas has an opportunity to become a place that responds to and respects the physical and sociological attributes it was given, and provide a unique opportunity to integrate open space, cultural, educational and recreational elements that will nurture and support an enhanced quality of life. To achieve this possibility, the community needs a vision that unites and compels the goals and informs and shapes change as it occurs.

This is “OUR” crown jewel not “YOURS.” You are welcome to enjoy but not takeover

This setting creates the possibility of a long term, integrated plan and strategy to realize a
transformational regional resource, and the resulting strengthening of the communities and
families which it will serve. It is singular by physical location and existing public and non-profit
ownerships. It is also in a community which has some existing infrastructure networks in
education, arts, recreation, inspiration and horticulture that could provide the basis for such a resource.

Encouraging families to sleep in cars is insane. Profiting off of it is disgusting and despicable

In the process of community development and maturation Encinitas has become a unique focus of a wide variety of educational institutions. These include private smaller institutions such as Grauer School, Encinitas CountryDay School, Waldorf School, Rhoades School, St. Johns, and public institutions like San Dieguito Academy, the Encinitas Union and Cardiff Elementary School Districts. It includes a series of institutions like Lux Art Institute, World Music Center, Magdalena Ecke YMCA, San Dieguito Heritage Museum,Encinitas Historical Society, and the San Diego Botanic Garden who have, as a part of their a primary mission extended programs for K-12 students. The Mira Costa College Campus can also be viewed as an extension of this focus.

Turning us into a homeless dump

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