You heard it correctly

Breaking Blakespear is losing her mind

A mayor who chooses to sue her own residents is a special kind of evil. Blakespear was elected to preserve and protect the town of Encinitas. Instead the Utah transplant, Bummer Blakespears, city is sue crazy and might bankrupt her voters.

It’s not hard to connect the dots to her big money radical foundations who own her. She’s doing everything for them and her benefit. Those nonprofits love that HEAP money and shaming the residents at City Hall.

It’s time for this town to rise up and get rid of her. Make sure to tell all of your neighbors and subscribe to our page for the latest updates.

2 Replies to “Mayor sues her own residents?”

  1. you are wrong and also behind the times, SHE isn’t suing anyone, the city is. And they weren’t suing residents, just one group and they only did it because the state told them they had to go back to court for clarification. So the city added the group to the suit since they had a vested interest (that’s how the rumor started that she was suing residents). When the group said they didn’t want to be involved, guess what? The city removed them! They took them off the suit completely and sued the state instead! Long story short, there is no current lawsuit from the city against any citizens AT ALL, but there is a suit where the city is suing the state. You are doing a lot of research and I respect that, but you are so biased that you aren’t connecting the dots well at all.

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