Dismantling decades of protective barriers put into law by Encinitas residents

Blakespear. This woman is something else. She ran on everything the residents wanted to hear about preserving our wonderful town and then she did a 180. Now she’s abandoned her core principles of preserving this precious resource for the benefit of developers, foundations and nonprofits. In other words, she’s an absolute sellout.

Go ahead and click on the map below and then click on a property. A housing proposal will pop up on the left. You’ll be able to see the “minimum # of units” towards the bottom, which she apparently feeding the already angry residents. The word on the street though is Dictator Blakespear fully intends to use the “units w/density bonus.” In essence, what she’s pretending to build “only” an Empire State Building monstrosity when all along she wants to build the World Trade Center!

A mayor has a fiduciary obligation to her residents and work in “their” best interest. Instead, she seems to be getting bogged down with ethics and the little fleas in her way, also known as residents. Instead of doing the right thing for her residents she seems to focus on whether or not a shady decision will get her in trouble with the law. Actually she doesn’t even care about that anymore because it doesn’t apply to dictators.

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  1. You have stated that you didn’t even know we had a mayor or city council until a few months ago. If you have such a short term understanding of basic civics, why should we trust you?

    1. There is no reason you should trust anybody, especially the media. The best way to confirm this story is to contact http://WWW.ENCINITASCA.GOV, go to the records department, contact Kathy Hollywood the records clerk. She provided it. Also, if you understand Prop A that requires voter approval for rezoning. The mayor has chosen to sue the residents to Encinitas to get around Prop A, which you can contact Kathy or Google it and find out. Prop A is the law of the land and the mayor has her own agenda.

  2. She is a great disappointment… I, for one, will not be voting for her ever again!
    Power has turned her into a “monster”.

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