This heavy handed mayor uses “every evil tactic” in the book to intimidate and scare residents, businesses, and anybody who opposes her

The mayor of Encinitas, Catherine Blakespear, is one of San Diego’s most ruthless mayor’s in history. She is affiliated with a radical group who have been planning the takeover of Encinitas for over a decade. She has been helping and paving the way for this takeover for many years and “billions of dollars” and “Encinitas residents way of life” are what are at stake here.

Blakespear is “NOT” on the side of the residents, she is on the the side of big money. Here’s an example of her “attack” methods to make sure her and her special interest groups get their way.

An attack occurred, actually several have occurred, while “Blakespear’s army” was practicing their standard “attack, intimidate, and bully tactics.” This is what “Lying Blakespear” had to say about the incident.

Encinitas Blakespear never let’s an opportunity to “LIE” go to waste.

This is how she deals with “everything”, she attempts to write it off like it’s nothing. When George Washington famously said “I cannot tell a lie” to his father, Blakespear’s motto seems to be “I cannot tell the truth.” Here’s some “truth” to prove she’s a storyteller. is a website used for residents to find out about local crimes is reporting “this” crime.

Here is a release from the Sheriff’s Department on their crime website. It clearly states their was an “assault with a deadly weapon / felony” that occurred that day at that site.

A little police report won’t stop Blakespear from lying because “she can NOT tell the truth” and will never OWN anything. If that’s the case let’s look at “more” evidence.

The victim of the attack at the hospital checking for ligament damage

Our mayor still won’t own up to the attack caused by her “army.” She will make every excuse to continue her lies. She denied he needed medical attention. Explain this next picture Catherine?

This is a MAJOR attack, you can see the stabbing yourself, and the mayor is trying to brush this under the rug like it didn’t happen.

The mayor is NOT speaking about this incident of violence caused or influenced by her groups of intolerance and hatred. This incident shows the danger to those who do “anything” she doesn’t agree with. We were able to get an interview with the victim and these are his direct words.

The victim clearly said he was attacked with a deadly weapon and it seems like the mayor is “covering this up.”

The residents have growing concerns that the Blakespear is “influencing our Deputy Sheriff Taft.” There should be “no political connection” between these two yet the residents have been given “misleading” information by Sheriff Taft several times, seemingly at the “mayor’s will.” Why would the Captain say “no medical attention was required” and why is there a “felony assault with a deadly weapon charge” on

We are going to keep working on this incident and also work on local media to “report on important stories” that concern Encinitas. Along with everything else, we know Blakespear’s special interest groups are making large payments to various media outlets either directly or indirectly. We can only suspect this is to “influence” the stories and local news outlets have avoided many stories that could make Blakespear look bad.

Check out this fat payment to Voice of San Diego.

Catherine Blake spears supporters throwing out millions to local nonprofits and media outlets that seem to be supporting her.

Encinitas Watchdog is a local group or residents working to protect our community and keep our officials and the media honest. We will never stop, waver, or deviate from protecting our Encinitas Crown Jewel.

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