Encinitas residents in “shock” after they learned their mayor staged a series of protests which likely led to the large spike in cases of Covid and deaths

Local surfer James said in an interview earlier today that “I knew something was wrong about this group of people. I could tell they were not surfers and they were not from Encinitas. Finding out that our mayor promoted this on Eventbrite makes me sick to my stomach. My grandmother just died from Covid yesterday.”

When you elect a Utah redneck you must expect redneck results. Mayor Blakespear completely out of touch with the surfing community.

Many found out about the news today that their mayor was behind the caravan of thousands of potential Covid cases. Encinitas Watchdog spoke with Mike from Encinitas who caught Covid during this event. “I was just surfing and then there were like thousands of people that just showed up at Moonlight. I’d never seen this many people before. I just got out of the water and I couldn’t get through the crowd. My mask was on the beach and disappeared. I couldn’t get through them, they were all yelling and screaming. Almost a week later I came down with Covid. I thought I was going to die.”

Mayor Catherine Blakespear and Deputy Mayor Kellie Hinze apparently promoted a series of highly dangerous gatherings on Eventbrite that were not allowed in San Diego county. They said themselves many times “no large gatherings” or San Diego Sheriffs will fine $1,000 per person. Some calculate the mayor promoted 10,000 – 20,000 people to come to Encinitas in the middle of a pandemic. Others believe she should be fined herself and held accountable for anybody who was harmed.

Our local Deputy Mayor Kellie Hinze surprisingly pulled off her best surf move ever during the paddle out. She finally was able to sit on a surfboard.

Chas Smith, a writer for the mogul Surf News Beachgrit stated “…paddle outs and demonstrations in beach communities not traditionally associated with civil disobedience. He mentioned “this paddle out dwarfed all other paddle outs” that he had seen.

The local Swamis big wave surf crew, said it was organized by Encinitas by a mayor who is from Utah and doesn’t surf.” Click here for the full article

Dane who is one of the local groms understood how terrible of a decision this was. He feels sad that our mayor made surfers look like racists.

Many local children have volunteered to help teach the mayor and deputy mayor about surf culture so they do not make another mistake. They feel embarrassed that their mayor doesn’t even understand their surf culture. Dane who is a local surfer said “this was the biggest paddle out fumble in the history of surfing. It has absolutely nothing to do with surfing.”

Check out what Coast News had to say. They love Blakespear and have refused to speak to us about what the “residents of Encinitas” think. The same people who read their article would LOVE an opportunity to give their opinion to Coast News. Click here for their article

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