Blakespear cruel treatment of humans to pay her nonprofits is crossing the line of humanity

A “human mill” is an inhumane high-volume transient migration operation that encourages humans to migrate to Encinitas for profit, ignoring the needs of the people arriving here. Humans are showing up in mass in Encinitas starving, often sick, in need of rehab services, mental health services, diseased, criminals because they are being marketed to by our mayor and her special interest groups.

Catherine Blakespear’s “North County’s most pro-housing mayor” solution to homelessness, make it worse for them.

A “human mill” commonly gets sold to transients through word of mouth, internet, and that Encinitas is offering Homeless Emergency Aid Programs to help homeless from all over. In fact, our mayor declared a FALSE emergency homeless crisis so that she could set up the racket all along knowing that Encinitas did NOT meet the minimum standards to qualify for the grant.

What are you thinking Blakespear? How are you encouraging humans to live with rats? You are violating your oath to humanity.

The HEAP Grant requires a city to have at least 1,000 homeless people in order to qualify. The city was actually “EXEMPT” from the grant but Blakespear wanted to get her hands on the money by any means necessary. It looks like there may have been a LOT of planning going on here by Blakespear or somebody to create conditions to make this happen.

Eddie is a straight up Encinitas local born and raised. His dad died and instead of helping Eddie, Blakespear tosses him on the street.

Knowing how is corrupt and lies it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think she had long term plans for its homeless issue. For example, why would one of her special interest groups start donating to the Regional Task Force on Homeless starting in 2011 if they didn’t want something? At that point, Encinitas counted as it’s OWN town. Carmel Valley, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, and Solana Beach were NOT counted in Encinitas’ numbers.

These were our REAL numbers, only 10 vehicles represented. Hmmm, I wonder who’s idea it was to add 4 other towns to “our” numbers and destroy town and our own homeless?

The last year they counted these areas “individually” in 2014 Encinitas had 10 homeless cars (high end), Solana Beach has 17 and Del Mar had 3. The “next” year in 2015 they merged everybody into Encinitas and then we had 37 cars, conveniently. That move was planned and NOT by coincidence. It’s no coincidence that North County Health Services began receiving donations in 2012, conveniently where Jeremy Blakespear works, Catherine’s husband.

Jeremy Blakespear welcome to the ocean. Your buddies donated to that place right there on your shirt. Why don’t you explain that?

We know the “Master Plan” is in full effect and the machine is going but how the heck does 2 CEOs of companies who “receive money” from the Regional Task Force on Homeless end up sitting on the BOARD of DIRECTORS for the RTFH? And how does one “another” EX EMPLOYEE of one of these places end up as the GRANT & CONTRACTS MANAGER for RTFH? Remember that shill at City Hall that said that “…I use Encinitas residents as examples to my children of privilege and entitlement and what bad people are like…” or something like this, and how is “SHE” on the same Board of Directors?

Oh “white privilege entitled” mom is a VP and Blakespear’s peeps are donating to her foundation as well? What is this? It’s the same pattern that Blakespear is doing with everything. IT’S A PATTERN AND IT’S A PROBLEM.

Now Blakespear’s numbers look a little different. Now she can grab some of that HEAP money to pay her special interest groups and use homeless people as “less than slaves.”

2018 rolls around and homeless numbers are going down but Blakespear declares “an emergency homeless crisis?” After the possibility that your buddies squeezed other town’s homeless into Encinitas’ count? Oh, how convenient. But we don’t know yet because in 2019 she RAMS the city with a fake parking lot scam without any input or say from residents.

The always “near empty” lot. It’s not even controversial it’s so empty. It’s just another FRAUD by our mayor who thinks she’s Catherine Jung Un.

Fast forward to today and I’ve been monitoring these parasites, not the homeless, out mayor and her buddies. I’ve counted the NEW flow of people into town as she has Sheriff Captain Taft “misrepresent” numbers to the community so she can quickly renew it as quickly as possible, like she ALWAYS HAD PLANNED. She also knew Encinitas would become a magnet when she LIED AGAIN to the residents. She knew that the Homeless Emergency Aid Program and “Housing First” would get that migration of homeless coming here.

She’s telling us NOT to believe what we are documenting with our own eyes, cameras, and interviews. How is this all working out for the homeless? It’s NOT. We know the parking lot is always almost empty and has NEVER been full, another Blakespear lie. We know homeless are all over the streets defecating, urinating and doing drugs and they are just “homeless in a different place.” We know the local nonprofits, who have the nastiest, vitriolic, trashiest, dirtiest, need to be slapped supporters, aren’t making anybody happy.

In fact, the “LOCAL” homeless say things are getting worse for them. Now they’ve got people coming in from all over the country destroying THEIR town, adversely impact an already rough life and causing their own hometown facilities to IGNORE them. They are suffering now more than they ever have and they are one step away from walking in front of the train.

This is what Blakespear is doing to our LOCAL homeless population, destroying what little lives they have. As I talked about “human mills” it’s the same thing as “puppy mills” basically. Nobody in this town would allow for puppy mills so why are you encouraging “human mills?” These people are suffering as Blakespear and crew laugh their way to the bank.

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