Many Encinitas residents are calling on the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to step down after endangering the entire community

The governing in Encinitas has become a very dictator-like and politically bias group in the last few months. Our mayor has been making a series of decisions that are absolutely detrimental to our community, the health of our community, our way of life, and the safety of our citizens. Many suspect her inexperience and loyalty to her special interest groups are the cause of these decisions.

Our Mayor Blakespear leading a rally during COVID without permits? We are supposed to follow the rules.

With the Covid restrictions Encinitas had to comply to all of the laws set by our state and our mayor. Our mayor was so strict that she ordered our Sheriffs to ticket people who were sitting in their cars watching the sunset. She set a San Diego record with 22 tickets in one day with fines up to $1,000. She wasn’t kidding and made it clear how deadly the virus is and her willingness to penalize those who broke the laws.

Our Deputy Mayor wasn’t going to be upstaged by our Mayor. She made sure her event was promoted on Eventbright to bring in thousands of people from all over California.

Surprisingly restrictions eased and on April 27 residents were allowed to go to the beach for exercising only. Councilwoman Jody Hubbard said on 5/6 she is “…..very concerned about compliance and a second wave of COVID.” On 5/22 she still said, “…facial requirements are going to be around for a long while…” Councilwoman Hubbard still was making it clear that we are FAR from out of danger.

4/27, the day before residents could exercise on the beaches again out numbers were in control and Encinitas worked very hard to follow the rules.

Out of nowhere protests began erupting in big cities all over America over the killing of George Floyd. Historically Encinitas has avoided politics and has shown more respect for their town than politics. That all changed when Mayor Blakespear let her friend have a small protest at the Cardiff Kook without a permit. A little small local protest didn’t seem unreasonable but many residents noticed a double standard. A month earlier Mayor Blakespear came close to arresting a girl for protesting simply because she was part of a “different” political party.

On 6/2 our beaches “finally” opened for sitting and relaxing but with many restrictions in place. Most residents could not believe how well the community was behaving. There’s so much respect and appreciation for our ocean and getting out that NOBODY would risk doing anything to jeopardize this little privilege we were given. That was at least until the next day.

San Deigo Supervisor Nathan Fletcher seemingly disappointed at the way Encinitas mayor acted so irresponsible.

Unbeknownst to the community our Mayor and Deputy Mayor had been planning the biggest “non-surfing” paddle out in the history of the world. We heard there might be a gathering but that was an understatement. By the evening of 6/3 Encinitas was on it’s 2nd or 3rd rally and by 5 PM Moonlight Beach filled with thousands of non-surfers from all over California we suspect. Before we knew it there was up to maybe 5,000 people.

There was an ex local star named Sal Maskela who grew up in Encinitas who was part of this well planned event. The residents are scratching their heads because one day we all are going to be fined $1,000 and now we have the biggest crowd in history at Moonlight all NOT practicing social distancing. After what had been drilled into our heads for months the entire town was in shock at what was happening.

After the dust settled Encinitas residents found out that Blakespear gave the OK and Hinze co-organized the event. We learned recently that Hinze helped promote this giant pandemic gathering through Eventbright which is like Ticketmaster, it’s where you promote Coachella massive style events. To add insult to injury we found out that there were no permits after the mayor a month early was arresting political opposition for protesting the beach closure. They just touched the sand with their toes and 3 were arrested.

Double standard Blakespear targeting residents who don’t hold her political views. Do we live in North Korea now?
COVID today after the Mayor and Deputy Mayor’s reckless actions. There was no excuse for what they did and residents believe they need to be held accountable.

We are seeing chaos in Encinitas unlike anytime in our history. The community of Encinitas is watching one poor decision after the next by this administration. Don’t be surprised to see a MASSIVE push to replace the two far left born again radicals in Encinitas.

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