Our Mayor has already given them control of most of Encinitas Nonprofits such as CRC, EUSD, Scripps, YMCA and the City Council

When Blakespear was elected last election she told the residents everything they wanted to here. Encinitas residents are proud of their little beach town. There is so much chaos in the bigger coastal town and cities the residents were quite excited that Blakespear promised to “PRESERVE” our beach town.

I think it came as a shock to most residents to find out that Blakespear “UNILATERALLY” decided to turn Encinitas into a “CRIMINAL TRANSIENT SANCTUARY CITY” last November. What mayor would do this to their own residents? Invite dangerous transients and criminals into one of the most family oriented towns in San Diego? To top it off she set up the good residents of Encinitas to be “lashed to pieces” by her special interest group nobody friends.

Fast forward today and her cover has been completely blown. Every move she has done was calculated and designed to deceive and take advantage of the generosity of the residents of Encinitas. She is USING OUR TOWN to enrich her close friends, special interest groups, and buddies why we bear the burden dealing with a migration of Transients from all over the country.

In one day everything this town worked to achieve has been put on hold so that GREEDY MONEY GRUBBERS can bilk our town. Here’s the blueprint of Blakespear’s buddies to TAKEOVER ENCINITAS.

This group is who Blakespear represents now in Encinitas, not the residents.
This is what motivates our mayor, running over the residents of Encinitas and supporting an extremely radical political group.
Why do residents of Encinitas need to abide by “YOUR” guiding principals Blakespear? Why are you trying to burn the residents and insult our beach culture?
They have completely took control over the Botanical Garden, EUSD, CRC, YMCA, Scripps, Mira Costa, and of course Blakespear assisted helped take over the City Council.
Why does Encinitas care about Blakespear’s core values? She is supposed to represent Encinitas residents, not enable a TAKEOVER of Encinitas.
This is ABSOLUTELY WRONG. How did Blakespear allow her group to take control of ENCINITAS UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT and teach them their RADICAL WAYS? Did you see the INDOCTRINATED students harassing and encouraging other people to attack the Republican street vendors? Do you see all of the kids running around violently protesting and calling anybody who’s not with them a “RACIST?”
Can Blakespear be anymore CLEAR about taking control of our local “ENCINITAS’ family and child based institutions? NO WAY BLAKESPEAR, keep our children OUT of your master plans.

This “CONCLUSION” supports Blakespear’s groups DISDAIN for our community. Encinitas is “their opportunity?” They “risk their opportunity?” NO, this is OUR hometown, NOT YOUR opportunity.

Continue reading the 2010 New Vision For Encinitas from the group that Blakespear is handing our town and children over to. Click here

Blakespear has been lying to this community from day one. Her goal was never to preserve, it was to capitalize for her own self gain. This is only the FIRST “MASTER PLAN” showing what drives Blakespear. She MUST go in November.

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