How Mayor Blakespear’s greedy decision broke our paradise and divided the most peaceful city in America

When Catherine Blakespear ran for mayor in 2016 she ran on what Encinitas residents want to hear, preserve our paradise. Beach people understand our home is a precious resource and it can be easily ruined.

If you fast forward to today you wouldn’t even recognize our mayor. She has done a 180 degree turn and has become a Social Justice Warrior and now she’s suing the residents so she can overturn their votes.

One of her main influences is a mega foundation. This foundation supports most of Encinitas’ nonprofits and they seem to have control of the entire town. They even have Master Plans for their New Vision for Encinitas which outlines their desire to take over the town. For example, one of their earliest targets, Quail Botanical Gardens, the foundation donated $100,000 respectively in 2008 and 2009 and were able to get the name changed by 2010.

They changed the name to San Diego Botanic Garden and completed one of their initial main goals in their Master Plans. Obtaining control of the garden was very important because it is somehow a “focal” point of their goals and vision.

The Master Plan for A New Vision of Encinitas and the 2 donations that occurred just before the name changed.

Controlling Quail Gardens was just one small step of many to helping them achieve their Master Plans for Leichtag Encinitas Commons. There is a lot more on the list and they have a town to conquer. To me it feels like the Trojan Horse, nobody was expecting it and some still refuse to believe it.

I am not aware of any particular order but here is another grab that should catch many off guard, Encinitas Unified School District. Since when was EUSD negotiable? I that was part of our school system and not up for sale? Apparently I’m wrong because in 2010 they donated $366,461 to EUSD yet announced that EUSD has “announced it’s intent to develop….” blah, blah, blah?

This sounds like “YOU” gave them money to build something for “YOUR” benefit? I don’t know all the details but it’s fishy. Is that what that EUSD Farm Lab is?

The Master Plans discussing plans of EUSD as well as their tax returns showing their donations.

The foundation wasn’t even in Encinitas yet for another 2 to 3 years. This was a LOT of planning and they started planning this takeover and actually implementing their Master Plan before they closed escrow on the Ecke Ranch a few days before 2013.

Here is an example of why this is NOT a good idea. In November of 2019 Mayor Blakespear decided she wanted to open a homeless lot so that she could get the state HEAP Grant to pay her nonprofits. Her nonprofits are like her minions who jump at a moments notice waiting to be tossed a piece of cheese.

She went above and beyond her ethical power and chose without any residential input and without any proper zoning approvals. She decided that she needed to put this on Leichtag and the most logical reason is she is trying to use emergency housing laws to help them rezone their land. More disturbingly though in the middle of this highly “borderline fraudulent” unethical action, EUSD fires off a “letter of support” for the parking lot?

What would EUSD know about homeless, HEAP Grants, Housing First, criminals being released and going into the homeless population, drugs, transients, mental health issues, people sleeping in cars, and van lifers? They wouldn’t so why would they send a letter of support? Because they are “another bought entity.”

Encinitas Unified School District supporting non-school related events that absolutely endanger our children?

The Mayor organized a “hit” on the residents of Encinitas with her nonprofits unbeknownst to the rest of the community. It was an event where the mayor and her shills lambasted, shamed, insulted, and obliterated her own voters who were completely oblivious to what was going on. The residents caught on quickly to what the mayor was doing to them and slapped a lawsuit against the city. Click here to find out more details about the lawsuit

Tom Stout held no punches back as he dealt blow after blow shaming a group of Encinitas residents. Unfortunately, the residents didn’t know that Tom colluded behind their backs to belittle and degrade residents he never met.

The lawsuit was a result of a series of frustrations like this City Hall meeting and the residents experienced by the poor decisions of our mayor.

Every couple of weeks the mayor seems to be on some new political bandwagon. A few weeks after she was threatening to arrest residents with differing political views for protesting. Another week she was encouraging protesting of residents who shared the same political views as her. Here she is on the BLM wagon like a teenager as mayor of a town with probably less than 1% black people.

The mayor of double standards. She threatens to ticket or arrest those who oppose her policies and turns her head for those who favor them.

The elections are coming soon and our mayor is clearly not the same person she was when Encinitas elected her. It appears to be a battle of two sides between those who want to preserve paradise and those who want Encinitas to become more political, divided, and developed.

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