Mayor Blakespear gets her Sheriff buddy to threaten to arrest, then arrest, the opposition. She then goes an immediately does the same thing herself that she “arrested the opposition for” and doesn’t care. It’s how Catherine Jong-Blakespear rolls.

Our mayor is at it again. She’s had the town on lockdown because of Covid and some opposition groups decided to protest. She got her Sheriff buddy to threaten to arrest the organizer of this event. She then got the Sheriff to arrest 3 members of a tiny peaceful protest at Moonlight Beach.

Peaceful protesters who are opposition to the mayor get threatened and then locked up.
Three of Blakespear’s opposition get arrested for a tiny protest.

Blakespear works like the Gestapo. She does everything she can to bully/intimidate others and then plays favorites with her own. Her intimidation and unfairness run deep through this town. She does this to try to stop any opposition from challenging her.

Check out how things operate when they are on the other foot.

Not only does Catherine Blakespear have a double standard she takes it to the next level to promote her candidacy in the middle of a pandemic. This gathering was 100% illegal in accordance with our governor’s social distancing rules/no permits and look who is breaking the rules?
Here goes Blakespear now promoting a 5,000 person event in the middle of a pandemic, no permits, after Newsome declared no large gatherings. Blakespear is supposed to be PROTECTING the residents, not endangering the residents. To make matters worse this was advertised on EVENTBRITE to bring in THOUSANDS of Covid sickly people from all over the country.
This is our Deputy Mayor who ORGANIZED this illegal event. She didn’t get a permit, she broke the large gathering California governor laws, no face masks, and she advertised it on EVENTBRITE. She arrested the opposition when they wanted to protest but here she is with a big giant smile, using this event to illegally promote her candidacy.

The residents are growing weary and frustrated under this Nazi style governing where the mayor does what she wants and goes after opposition. Here are the mayor and deputy mayor “ILLEGALLY” using City Facilities, facilities unavailable to opposition candidates, hundreds of dollars worth of masks, and enforcing a “FAKE LAW” that doesn’t exist simply to promote their candidacy. They are also using a sign “pretending to represent Encinitas lifeguards.”

Encinitas needs help or we are going to become North Korea!

The beach laws are clear on the signs posted along the beach but the mayor and deputy mayor are abusing their power to INSTILL FEAR in residents, promote their candidacy, violate campaign laws, and enforce laws that do NOT exist.

There is a well documented pattern of the mayor using her attorney, special interest groups, nonprofits, religious institutions, Encinitas Unified School District, St. Andrews Episcopal Church, North County LGBTQ, Leichtag, Moishe House, Jewish Family Services, United Methodist, CRC, Universal Unitarian Church, our own Captain of the Sheriff’s Department, and many other people to intimidate and bully the residents.

Oh wait! Did I forget her organizing Nazi Youth to attack Trump vendor booths and destroy their products?

Evil spoiled Encinitas brats inciting violence and hatred against the opposition. It was nicely advertised by the promoter on Blakespear’s page and they have been attacking over and over. More Blakespear bullying and intimidation attacks.
Another day in North Korea/Encinitas. Blakespear using her Nazi tactics to harm, intimidate, damage and scare opposition.

Encinitas is done with this and we will vote you out, if we don’t lock you up in the meantime.

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