Biggest Lie In Encinitas Political History Uncovered

The City Of Encinitas has been taking a lot of hits from the mayor, the Sheriff, radical political groups, and greedy nonprofits. The residents of Encinitas are getting sick of blows from representatives who are supposed to be “protecting” them and their families.

As the town fills up with transients the residents have become increasingly aware that their mayor no longer represents them, she is representing someone else. She is suing her own residents so she can help special interest groups make millions and billions off of Encinitas. The mayor caught wind that the residents were questioning if she is suing them or not and posted the following below.

Directly from our mayor’s own website she LIES about suing Encinitas residents.

Click here for Catherine Blakespears page

She posted a very convincing explanation that she was “not” suing the residents, but instead she was suing California to “protect” the residents who elected her into office. That convinced some of her followers but her pattern of lying has the rest of Encinitas is growing weary of the same tired lying. In the midst of this, a video was uncovered of the mayor not only confirming she’s suing, but also making fun of the residents.

Here is Mayor Blakespear not only confirming she is suing her residents, she’s also making fun of them.

Expect Mayor Blakespear to be sent packing this November. Encinitas is tired of the lying and her allowing special interest groups to abuse the town.

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