6/6/2021 The pandemic has laid bare deep-rooted problems and many Angelenos are cutting their losses and leaving the city. 

Homelessness has long been a problem in US cities such as Los Angeles. Since the pandemic hit, the number of people living in tents in the city has grown visibly. In the wealthy neighborhood of Venice Beach, rows of tents now dominate the sidewalks in affluent residential streets.

Homelessness has increased in the Californian city over the past year

One realtor, who didn’t want to be identified, told Sky News one of his clients returned to her Venice Beach home to find a homeless man in her kitchen. “It was at that point she said ‘I’m out’ and put her house on the market,” he said. “As a woman living on her own, she didn’t feel safe living there anymore.”

Tents line the streets in affluent neighborhoods of Los Angeles

Comedian Joe Rogan is one high-profile resident who has left LA for Texas – citing overcrowding, traffic and homelessness as the driving factors. He is not alone.

One member of the “Brits in LA” Facebook group posted: “We’ve just left LA and moved to Ojai because things in the city became unbearable for us.” (continue reading)

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