6/13/2021 I Went Out One Day To Do A Good Deed But Instead Became A Target By Groups And Individuals Affiliated With The Mayor/Head of SANDAG/Senate Candidate Catherine Blakespear.

Interesting similarities to the reporter who discovered Clinton’s secret tarmac meeting. After the parking lot first city council meeting, like this guy, I also got many death threats, accounts hacked, websites stolen… a show of intimidation. Read Story Here


Leichtag’s VP began making up stories, people acted on those stories, people affiliated with local nonprofits began smearing my name, the mayor/SANDAG Head/senate candidate announced my name to the world, and The Coast News enabled a debate with with a biased reporter who set me up.

You know what? Screw all of you scam artists. There’s such a thing as “caring for your town.” That’s what I’m guilty of. It’s not my fault you rookies didn’t cover your tracks properly. I didn’t realize you were all lying maggots when I went to notify the dozens of families living in their cars in Encinitas who just lost their homes. You guys lied, not me.

As a result, I’ve been followed, tracked down, threatened, you name it. This is/was an iconic surf town way before you nonprofits showed up. The idea that you’re filling my town with these dirty criminals is insulting. This is a tactic to break our community. Nobody who cares would ever do this to a community.

Clearly, Blakespear and her nonprofits do not give care about Encinitas. It’s time the residents wake up and take this serious. Right now I’m hearing about more home invasions than any time in our history. You too are a target, you just don’t know yet.

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