6/28/2021 Encinitas Sheriff Calls Have Easily Risen 400%

The purpose of this count is to show the extremely high number of calls and document it. Since I began monitoring over a year ago the call volume has gone through the roof.

These are calls from last Friday the 25th. I chose this day because the scanner usually goes off from roughly 12AM to 7AM. As I was counting I didn’t realize it took me over 30 minutes to count 2,000 + calls.

Crime has exploded in Encinitas and is projected to get worse.

Let me explain these calls. These are all communications with dispatch and deputies. Not every call is for a crime or infraction, there could be several back and forth conversations for 1 single crime. The way I understand dispatch is that you can only hear 1 caller at a time.

There was a time last year that I could go to all of the crimes in Encinitas. Now I can’t even listen to 20% of the crime. It’s gone up that much. .

Also, somehow the media is being influenced to NOT report on our crime. They are also ignoring the hotels being packed with other town’s transients.

Other towns have started recently enforcing laws which will cause the homeless to migrate. Encinitas may very well become the #1 transient destination in San Diego shortly.

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