6/29/2021 Watch 211.org’s VP shame the residents of Encinitas without disclosing her financial interests

Encinitas was attacked by a mob of nonprofits without warning. We expected to go into the city council meeting and get answers to our questions. Instead, we were met with hate, vitriol, shaming, and belittling, and a slew of lies.

Cammie Christenson playing an actor to unsuspecting residents. We didn’t know they all coordinated this attack on us.

After that meeting I couldn’t believe what I witnessed. Where I come from if you did something like that to a group of people, you would be dealt with. These are fighting words and an insult to Encinitas residents at the highest level. Encinitas residents were played by nonprofits.

Oddly enough, this crackhead jumped in front of my daughter’s car right on the main street from my community. My daughter called me terrified and I came flying out with bad intentions. After I saw what I was dealing with I’m like I can’t lay into this girl. I tried to help her. I called 211.ORG, the outfit Cammie Christenson runs, the one who shamed us in the video.

You can hear how this call went down while the girl says “they are hopeless, they won’t do shit, they’re hopeless.” This girl clearly didn’t want me to call 211.ORG. What the heck are we supposed to do in this town? A bunch of charities that don’t seem to do anything except collect checks. They are bumping the mess they created off on the residents of Encinitas.

The day this nonprofit nightmare ends in Encinitas can’t come fast enough. They’ve lied and bullied innocent residents so they can make exploit our town. We are so sick of the crime, deaths, OD’ing, robberies…. someone needs to be held accountable for this.

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