6/20/2021 Why is most of our city council members, planning commissioner member, Leichtag, CRC, Mr. Facebook all part of the same nonprofit? Conflict of interest much?

With Newsome offering $12 billion for nonprofits and homeless, we’ve seen these nonprofits turn into piranhas. What I don’t get it how it’s legal for Blakespear to be in the same nonprofit that was directed by JFS for a call to action? Was our City Council ordered by JFS to screw Encinitas over?

Something smelling awfully fishy with Blakespear and this nonprofit.

Encinitas had 10-15 homeless the beginning of last year. That’s it. Look at it now. What happened? The nonprofits happened. They and Blakespear are running us over and treating us like we live in North Korea. The taxpaying residents are no longer represented in Encinitas. We are being crapped on by the city council and the nonprofits.