Carol Skiljan – A Perfect Character In This Encinitas Disaster

There was a school meeting that my wife wanted me to attend. I think mainly because Catherine Blakespear’s Gestapo might try to intimidate. Since my kids went to Oakcrest and I’m fighting to keep Encinitas safe, I’m going to offset people like Carol.

When I say I monitor everything I’m not playing around. There are already dozens of people staying in and around that disaster lot. I witnessed some dude in a white Toyota pickup who has been leeching our hotels for over a year stash some alcohol and paraphernalia in the bushes. Another guy was smoking crack using a blow torch. Finally Monday I hear about a stakeout on the 1000 block of Balour, right by Oakcrest.

I think this meeting was on Tuesday . I was told Blakespear’s Pitbulls E4E was there pushing whatever their bandwagon agenda is. Nevertheless I knew there would be Blakespear toe suckers lying as usual. That’s when Carol Skiljan opened her mouth. Frankly I’m getting sick of these people lying about the crime and endangering our children.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG Carol Skiljan choosing criminals over children.

Knowing a little about her background I expected more.

From what I understand Carol Skiljan was on the board of the high schools maybe 10 or 20 years. Certainly a person that high up would absolutely make sure that child safety is a top priority. Not even remotely close. In fact she kept interrupting one of the gals because she wanted to sell that disaster parking lot. That’s when I politely told her that she’s reading scripted second hand information. Undoubtedly this lie goes back to Captain Taft who initiated it.

Even though I knew she is pushing politics I still reached out. Certainly an ex high school official wouldn’t be brainwashed like peons like the others. Consequently, I could not have been more wrong if I tried. In short I mentioned that she’s repeating false talking points and I’d be willing… To that end she turned her back towards me.

I’m like did that just

really just happen? Not one to back down I said ” that example I gave that racism is not the main reason people of color aren’t here. The main reason they’re not here is entitled people like you. You’re acting like an elitist.” Furthermore I wanted to add that profiting off of people’s misery isn’t justice or equity. Conversely it’s selfish and greedy. Despite my desire to poke back Carol clearly couldn’t handle one simple exchange.

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