Rockstar Blakespear – Covid Didn’t Fill Encinitas With Homeless, She Did

If Covid caused the transient migration then Carlsbad and Solana Beach would have similar crime stats. Conversely, their numbers declined big time. On the other hand Encinitas skyrocketed to the moon taking the #1 spot for fastest growing crime in all of San Diego.

Catherine is a horrific salesperson. She’s also one of the least successful residents who sadly ended up in Encinitas. Her top accomplishment on her own was a lowly AP redneck writer in Utah. Unfortunately, someone who knew that she lacked morals and ethics coerced her back to grandma’s house in Encinitas. Under those circumstances she quickly climbed the ranks to the worst mayor in Encinitas History.

By 2019 we knew we were in trouble and that Blakespear would fill Encinitas with other town’s homeless. She wasn’t capable of good governing so she chose to do what she does best, nothing. As a result she jumped right into bed with slimy nonprofits and devoted her loyalty to them. She wasn’t able to resonate with the community because she is an entitled trust fund baby. On the flip side she is worshipped by the slimy special-interest rats of society.

Special Interests found their own Kim Jung Un.

On the other hand all of the special interest group spotted their Cinderella cockroach. They knew that they had found the only mayor in America who would ruin the finest beach community in America for the sole purpose of exploiting it. Adding insult to injury Catherine, the walking disaster, learned that special interests would take care of her for what she does best, using homeless and destroying communities.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG This Rockstar has her eyes on a senate seat now.

These FBI statistics show the impact caused by transient criminals. These charts measure property and violent crime for the first 6 months of 2020. Similarly, this coincides with the non-stop marketing by Jewish Family Services to America’s homeless to fill Encinitas. By all means there isn’t a derelict in America that would say no to the Vagabond vacation destination of Encinitas.


Encinitas takes #1 spot at a whopping +22% spike in property crime in all of San Diego.


Encinitas takes #2 spot at a whopping 58% spike in violent crime in all of San Diego.

As you look at these two charts Encinitas took the #1 spot property crimes and number #2 for violent crime. Despite taking the runner-up position to Santee who took the #1 spot for violent crime, overall Catherine was #1. On the positive side this was the first time Catherine has ever been #1 at anything. Overnight Catherine Blakespear a Rockstar or slimy special interest groups who quickly hit the financial jackpot.

The current state of Encinitas today.

Encinitas is currently the San Francisco of beach towns. Blakespear filled Encinitas so fast with undesirables the Regional Task Force wouldn’t do the Point In Time count for 2021. They aren’t stupid. After all if they showed the world Katherine Blake Spears accomplishments she might be scooped up play some third world country as their dictator.

Presently Encinitas is the least Democratic City of any Coastal Community in America. Prior to Catherine the residents were allowed in put in their own community. Consequently that never worked out well for the special interests. Until now they had to rely on a democratic process to get things done. Consequently both Blakespear and her special interest run through Encinitas residents like a hot knife through butter.

Long live Blakespear!