Catherine Blakespear Did This To Encinitas

Catherine intentionally did this to Encinitas so she can climb the political ladder. This stuff is everyday all day long and and purposely being hid from Encinitas residents. This is why it’s important that this town wakes up and fights back.

Catherine and her special interest groups are hiding this from you.

This an actual call in that occurred Encinitas. For every one of these I catch, I miss 99 others. This community needs to wake up and fight back or we are guaranteed to be Venice Beach. A few greedy special interests and a politically motivated devil is all it takes to destroy a community.

“RP shot the mom, has little sister locked in room with him and having 11-45 thoughts (suicide thoughts). Still armed and going to 187 sister (homicide/kill). AR rifle to RP’s back, correction, sister’s back. 25-7.

Confirm FD is going to be staged. This is 10-8 FA. The 7 year old advises he cut mother’s throat and shot her multiple times. 144 (assault) in the kitchen. More to follow.”

Why are we putting up with this? This is not some random act in Encinitas. This is all the time. You just don’t know unless you happen to be listening to the sheriff scanner. When you combine that with the effort that she and her special interest groups to hide this from the public, that’s dangerous.

All in all Encinitas is not an established crime community with street savvy people. On the contrary, Encinitas is very naive community where the mayor coordinates charities to attack you. The people running this town are not doing it in the interest of the public, they are doing it for their interest. Finally, if you don’t believe these groups and people did not intend to harm you, think again. In the face of insurmountable opposition they chose the area in Encinitas with the most kids.

They intentionally want to harm you. It’s part of their screwed up brainwashed ideology. It’s time to wake up.

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