Catherine Blakespear States Homeless Crisis is Gift and a Blessing?

What happens when you elect someone with zero experience and no accomplishments.

Over the past two years Catherine Blakespear has made one mistake after the next. There was a time where she possibly understood that her job title is a public servant. Unfortunately her inexperience and lack of accomplishments has become painfully obvious. She created the worst crisis in the history of San Diego and now makes excuses for her mistake.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG Homeless guy with nowhere to go.

Listen to what an inexperienced and unaccomplished person thinks about a subject she knows nothing about. She actually thanks JFS helping turn Encinitas into Venice Beach. This entire city council meeting is loaded with statements like this that an inexperienced mayor would say. Encinitas must start electing accomplished people or we’re going to continue to go down the tubes.

Catherine Blakespear says the homeless crisis is a gift.

The Encinitas crisis hasn’t hit rock bottom yet.

Since that day she made that fateful decision Encinitas she has shattered crime records across the boards. As a result, ninety-nine percent of her is spent trying to cover her mistakes. This is what happens will you come into office but never worked for anything. As a result everybody is suffering from the residents to the homeless.

In short, her inexperience and lack of accomplishments are painfully harming this community. Catherine Blakespear knows nothing about homeless and as a result we have a crisis on our hands. No intelligent accomplished person would have been ignorant enough to manufacture a homeless crisis.

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