Encinitas | Crime, Spies, & Bad People

Catherine Blakespear’s charities love to define and label people. Firstly, They need to make up a lie about you. Secondly, they sell themselves on believing that lie. Lastly, they run with that lie as if it is a truth. In other words, they are the actual product everything they claim to hate.

Catherine Blakespear has done everything in her power to shut down the voices of the residents. Firstly, She Stacks opposition against the residents at City Council meetings. Secondly, she employs attack groups on social media to wipe out our voices. Thirdly, she uses her attorney to bully and scare people. Personally, I have been tailed by people that likely work for her. As a result, I’m always ready to be attacked physically.

Corruption and censorship is why we started this group. I knew I was going to need to prove potential crimes, neglect, and lies in the future. Catherine has spies monitoring us like she’s the KGB. We knew that there were spies but we didn’t have anything to hide. Those spies didn’t have any material to work with so they attacked me and our group instead.

They somehow turned their spy experimentation into some type of victimization of themselves. That’s how Encinitas elitist act, they want attention on them and they all feed off of it like piranhas. On the other hand, they hate pictures. pictures tell the real story and they want to hide their bad behavior.

City Council has spies on Encinitas Watchdog.

Kris Powell is a great example Blakespear’s abuse. She’s on one of Catherine Blakespear’s commissions, likely getting paid, and she likely needs the checks to pay her bills. Clearly, something is motivating her. It’s definitely not her compassion for homeless. For one thing, I’ve never seen her in a homeless encampment. Secondly, most of these homeless are sickly but she’s more concerned about photographing them? For example, like when the Nazis photographed prisoners in their concentration camps?

Kris claims her friends are staying in that dirty nasty parking lot? Given these facts, what kind of friend does this make you? At the least, you should house and help your friends get on their feet. More likely, Kris is just making up a story like all the rest of her group, a bunch of privileged, entitled, elitist, knowitalls. As always, the truth is they know nothing. In typical fashion, she spent x amount of months spying and this is all she could come up with? Pictures? To add insult to injury, she made herself look like the victim as local nonprofits are exploiting humans from all over America? Moreover, did you ever once think that inviting homeless transients to Encinitas without housing was a terrific idea?

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG Here’s Kris’s post about our FB Page where she’s mad at residents for taking pictures…… of the homeless migration that she helped cause and created so much crime and suffering. Yeah, we documented it because this was pure evil to these people.

Trying to understand why Encinitas spies is so weird and condescending.

Last night I went through about 1,200 pieces of evidence and stumbled upon the statement from Kris Powell. In sum, she stated “I’m in my 46th day of kindness….” Consequently, you’ve been spying on your neighbors for a month saying all kinds of horrible things and you consider this to be kindness?

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG 46th day of kindness? WTF? Random act of kindness week?

Let’s take a look at some of Kris Powell’s kindness to myself and to her neighbors who she knows nothing about. By the way, it is pouring rain outside and those people are sleeping in the mud thanks to people like Kris. Without doubt, this doesn’t look like kindness to me. Comparatively, This looks like hatred, vitriol, entitled, and elitism. All of you people from Barb Bolton, Teresa Barth, Lisa Nava, Carol Skiljan. Wait Carol, aren’t you high up in the school system? What are you doing on a public forum talking nonsense when you helped create this humanitarian crisis? All of you, one of my things you some talking shame on you.

Do you guys even comprehend what you’re saying? To clarify, You guys went up in front of the Catherine Blakespear’s city council, many of you, and demanded that JFS open this parking lot. On the other hand, I have been to each one of the encampments and hotels and have never seen any of you virtue signaling hens. Also, It only took 6 months for you guys to turn Encinitas from the safest town in San Diego to the fastest-growing overall crime rate.

Now, chew on this. Everything that you think that is important to homeless people is a lie. We don’t care about your fake compassion Curt we don’t care about your selfies, how awesome you think you are, and how you gave that one guy a dollar at 7-Eleven. That’s degrading oh, it is not dignity. You women are fighting to keep people in cars and on the streets of Encinitas. I take that back, you’re fighting to bring them here and keep them on the streets and in their cars.

Politics and propaganda are making people pretend they are someone else.

That’s not called compassion oh, that’s called greed. The number one driving factor in all of this is money. The one thing you all have in common is your tied to nonprofits and nonprofits are making a financial killing right now off the misery of fellow homeless people. If I wasn’t here creating awareness, God knows how much more damage and harm you guys will cause these people.

As a once homeless person I can spot a vulture a mile away. I am protecting these homeless people from entitled rich white privileged people like you guys. I am your enemy because I’m in between you and your next paycheck. Your paychecks are sleeping in our ditches in grimy wet blankets and smelly damp cars. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for the way you treat these humans and then try to belittle those of us who are trying to protect them from you.

Take a look at the REAL work of Kris, Catherine Blakespear, and their friends. You guys are an embarrassment to humanity and I am embarrassed what you turned Encinitas in to. Lisa Nava? I’m not the one that needs to be checked. That’s you bro. I didn’t mess this town up, YOU DID.


This guy is handicapped and taking a dump on Vulcan and Encinitas. Kris wants to hide these pics.


This guy was at Rite Aid I think on Santa Fe. He’s at rock bottom and doesn’t bother get up and pee. He pees on himself and Kris doesn’t want you to see this.


This guy has nowhere to shit. If you shit on a wall it’s less likely to get on your feet. You didn’t know that did you Kris? You want us to hide this picture as well?