Catherine Blakespear Censoring and Intimidating Residents

Hitler Had a “25 Point Plan” in His Mein Kampf For The National Socialists Worker’s Party, the Nazi Party. Catherine Blakespear Is Using Many Similar Tactics Against The Residents Of Encinitas

In the last 2 years since Catherine Blakespear has become mayor she is slowly morphed into a real live dictator. She no longer allows any type of residential input at City Council meetings and simply goes through the motions. She has created an army of nonprofits who attack, censor, bully, and do everything in their power to harm our community.

Captain Taft was coached to lie about crime and then blame “residents” as the problem. This guy is so bad in so many ways. 3 straight bi-annual skyrocketing crime reports by SANDAG under his watch. He’s a failure.

2 years ago Catherine unilaterally announced she was putting a homeless parking lot in our town when we didn’t need one. Many of us took to the neighborhood app called Nextdoor to address our concerns. What we found is that people affiliated with local nonprofits began attacking innocent residents on this app. We also found that our own mayor began stacking our City Council meetings with these nonprofits, taking away valuable seats from the residents.

Here is Catherine Blakespear slandering a resident who is unhappy that she turned our town into a transient sanctuary city.

As time progresses we begin to learn more how she’s operating. She has ways of impacting Google search which could easily be tied to for relationship with a Facebook vice president who’s her top supporter. She is also able to go into private Facebook pages and get content removed and get you suspended. Normally something is reported on a Facebook page but she doesn’t operate like that, some magical way she has an Insider at Facebook who is controlling our right to free speech.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG The residents have a right to be mad about crime skyrocketing. We also have a right to be mad at Captain Taft for lying about the real numbers. This community has had enough bullshit.

On the Nextdoor app which is supposed to be for the residents, it has been completely taken over by her nonprofit Buddies. We know that her nonprofit buddies donate tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to local media so they won’t listen to the residents either. She’s at a point where she’s positioned nonprofits to be able to control our entire town. The residents no longer have a voice and she keeps pushing the envelope to the point where she’s a real live Adolf Hitler.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG Leichtag is the largest nonprofit in Encinitas and donated to most nonprofits to support them and their radical ideology. The piece above is an explanation of how they attack “haters” not “anti-Semitic.” A hater is anybody who disagrees with them and they’ve targeted our group twice as being white supremacists and anti-Semitic. No, we are just anti assholes.

Just today on Facebook, on a private page, a friend asked me how I found out some information about something. I said if I tell you then I have to kill you. She’s been able to take pictures down of an empty parking lot on the day of a city council meeting so residents can’t see it. She has an attorney that gets material removed from Nextdoor and has got virtually every high power voice banned from that app.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG Nonstop censorship and violation of first amendment rights. She is literally Catherine Hitler in her quest to conquer Encinitas and flip us and San Diego into a Nazi like socialist community

Slowly but surely she keeps taking away the voice of opposition. For me it’s not even political, it’s about protecting our children and the safety of our community. Since she unilaterally put in that parking lot so that she provides millions of dollars of grant money to her nonprofits to support her, and they attack the residents relentlessly.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG Blakespear fattens the wallets of her nonprofits and that money is used against us.

She just canceled our annual Christmas parade which Encinitas is had for decades oh, but she has no problem filling up the most expensive hotels with her buddies indoors without mask. She’s trying to break the will of the community. She’s trying to humiliate very successful people who worked hard to get here and a cheap things that she wasn’t able to. She pretends to Champion for homeless and minorities but she defines white privilege, entitlement oh, and every single thing she claims to hate.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG She’s brought in thousands of criminals, mentally ill, drug addicts, felons, and transients who lay at the intersection of Leucadia and the 101 shit all over themselves. This picture sums up Nazi Blakespear better than anything. It’s like a Van Gogh painting of her face.

Nobody has really ever seen anything like this before in this town or any other town in America. I have an advantage over most residents in that a big part of my childhood was living on the streets and in homelessness. I actually lived the majority of what she claims to represent. This white privilege entitled Hitler is trying to capitalize off of people who I once was. I lived it so I am the #1 person to call bullshit on her fakeness.

This woman is Camey Christenson, a CEO of a major charity. Look how she talks to residents who she doesn’t even know. She belittles, degrades, and uses us as an example of privilege and entitlement? She helped create this mess in the first place. Oh, by the way, I’m from the streets so how dare you say that to me. You absolutely are disgusting.

As a result of me standing up to her she and her nonprofits, including the sheriff of North County, have done everything in their power to try to destroy me. What none of these white privileged entitled people know though is that in order for me to overcome all of these hurdles I had to fight like a son of a b****. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a bunch of entitled white privileged fake people destroy my town.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG This white privileged radical leftist, Charlene Seidle, had a spy on my personal page. She’s an idiot. A friend of mine from Israel posted a “pro-Israrel” article on my page about how great Leichtag is. On the cover was Adam Sandler. She purposely took a post from my page and decimated me and thousands of other residents to try to intimidate us.

Encinitas is the only coastal town in America that we have witnessed what is equal to a Nazi movement in many people’s eyes. She is trying to squash or voices everywhere, take away our first amendment rights completely, and try to bully and intimidate Encinitas into submission. She has filled our town with hundreds and thousands of other towns homeless people to make this happen and use that Homeless money to pay her nonprofits to turn against the community.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG The author of the article was kind enough to tell the MORON VP of Leichtag to “READ” the article. Leichtag is a big charity, so they say, that you’d expect them to be oozing with kindness. This chick wouldn’t even talk to me because I was once homeless and questioned her. Her attitude is so entitled, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Her and Blakespear, birds of a feather. I don’t understand why they are both slinging homeless for a buck?

Encinitas needs help badly. This is unbelievable that this white privileged, entitled, socialite Hitler a Nazi it’s getting away with these illegal activities. The problem is trying to find someone to enforce laws. We can’t rely on North County Sheriff’s Office because she was able to turn the captain against the community and lie about skyrocketing crime, rape, sex trafficking, child molestations, robbery, suspicious deaths, and every category of crime out there.

SWAT standoffs are the norm in Encinitas. Encinitas has turned into Long Beach back in the 80’s except thousands more homeless poured in so Blakespear’s nonprofits can exploit our town and retain power.

We need help in a big way and we need it now to stop this Fuhrer before it’s too late. She wants to make sure that the residents do not have a voice and this community anymore and that it is 100% run by her special interest groups and nonprofits.

If someone big is listening, we need help!!!