Charities Hijack Nextdoor; Attack Encinitas

Many charities have joined forces to attack and censor Encinitas residents. Sadly, they attack us from many different angles. The commonality among them is financial gain. For the purpose of this post we’re going to look at Nextdoor and how they it took over then weaponized it against us.

There was a time when Nextdoor was an app for neighborhoods where you can exchange market information. Furthermore it was a great resource for Encinitas residents to communicate about threats to our community. On the other hand the charities could see public opinion was turning against them and their aggressiveness. As a result, their efforts to attack and hijack our avenues of communication significantly increased.

Ironically, the charities originally used Nextdoor to announce their intention to open a parking lot to make money. This raised huge red flags because we don’t need a homeless parking lot. After all we only have a tiny number in our community. As a result many of us took to Nextdoor to warn about the unwanted consequences of this action.

How the charities morphed from fake compassionate people to cut throat Mafia like gangs.

Initially we were met with fake virtue signaling posers who pretend they cared about homeless. At first they attempted to tell us how compassionate they are and 25 cars would have no impact in our town. Conversely they stopped using that drivel and proceeded to maliciously attack us with hateful rhetoric. Finally when these methods didn’t work against growing opposition, they simply suspended and banned whoever they wanted at will.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG This is your typical charity slime ball. They act like they are greater than gods and then talk like this. They make stuff up, sell themselves on believing it, and then run with it as if it is fact.

This is a list of vocal opposition to the residents on Nextdoor. Comparatively some are nasty people and others are virtue signalers. Similarly one aspect that ties them together, they are all have ties directly or indirectly to local charities.

Notable loudmouths on Nextdoor. Consequently, all are affiliated with charities or have squawked at residents.

  • Surya Wohl
  • Amanda Zenick
  • Mali Woods-Drake
  • The Mayor’s Attorney
  • Kathleen Lees
  • Marik Shtern
  • Deanne Saback
  • James Clare
  • Judy Klinger
  • Patrick Hasburgh
  • Ralph Chaney
  • David Haist
  • Chris Hanlon
  • Sean Comstock
  • Edward Coonce
  • Carole De Signore
  • Kathi Stanly
  • Rimga Viskanta
  • Judy Klinger
  • Jim Farley
  • Lea Bush
  • Philip Dimitroff
  • Barbara Murray
  • Randa Krakow
  • Kevin Spoor
  • Naimeh Tanha Woodward
  • Michael Hilerman
  • Celia Bartholomew
  • Carlos Lizarrage
  • Diane Mandle
  • Tom Applegate
  • Jacob Cherry
  • Brian Evans
  • JA Matus
  • Ally BerryLaurie Parizeau
  • KT Shimone
  • Mike Ramirez
  • Tom O Scott
  • Ryan Larson
  • Deb Go
  • Hal Grant
  • Chelsie Saunders
  • Sally Foster
  • Alexandra M Zilloux
  • Syndee Wood
  • Heidi Welsh
  • John Economides
  • Elizabeth Whitteker
  • Carol Skiljan

These are just a tiny number of people who represent charities and are against the residents. It is important to realize that these people truly believe that they are the most compassionate and caring people of humanity. In fact they seem to think that they are so godlike that anybody who doesn’t see eye-to-eye is unworthy. In other words these are the gods and goddesses who run Nextdoor and determine who gets to speak and who doesn’t.

As can be seen a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

For Encinitas residents this is what it has come down to. Because we are a laidback apolitical beach community for so long that most expected to be attacked.. To clarify we were not attacked by mainstream criminals. On the contrary we were ambushed by groups we trusted or wolves in sheep’s clothing. Very bad greedy groups who operate under the guise of good charities set Encinitas up for the kill. To illustrate these wolves dressed up as local churches and trustworthy charities. By the same token our city council wolves we’re dressed as people who put public interest first who care for the community.

Encinitas was played big time and concurrently we are paying the price.

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