Deaths at Hotels Converted To Homeless Shelters are Drawing Criticism

San Diego Housing Commission Under Pressure for Not Informing City Of Deaths at Hotels.

If San Diego is anything like Encinitas then it’s a fair assumption to speculate that nonprofits caused the spike in homelss numbers just like Jewish Family Services did in Encinitas. The most recent estimates by the Regional Task Force on Homeless suggest the number of homeless doubled last year.

In Encintas alone, Encinitas Watchdog estimates an increase in homeless roughly 500 – 800% easily. We only had 47 unsheltered homeless the beginning of 2020 and we’ve seen increases in the hundreds of thousands of “intentionally” drawn in homeless. A big part of the problem was created by nonprofits such as Leichtag and Jewish Family Services mega marketing campaign to attract homeless people to Encinitas.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG In Encinitas there have been many deaths at the converted shelters and in local encampments.

The state of California is investing $12 billion dollars over the next 2 years and Encinitas nonprofits desparately want to get their hands on that money. San Diego rushed to move hundreds of homeless San Diegans into two hotels it purchased with the help of state dollars, in an effort seen as an unprecedented opportunity to increase homeless numbers so nonprofits can cash in. Rest of story here.