Don’t Let Blakespear And JFS Fool You Into Thinking Encinitas Is Safe

JFS and Blakespear’s parking lot attracted everything that you see on Encinitas streets. The great majority of those transients are criminals.

Transients are significantly more dangerous than they’re homeless counterparts. Transient tend to migrate from one destination to the next. As a result they don’t have a sense of community and a reason to respect their location. After all by definition they are typically stay in one place only a short time. Furthermore, most are criminal and drug addictsand that’s why Encinitas is no longer safe.


Encinitas was ranked #1 for spike in property crime in San Diego.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG Encinitas was ranked #2 for spike in violent crime in San Diego.

To prove this we can simply look at the FBI crime statistics that show crime before and after they arrived. Not only did crime skyrocket in six short months, its gone up three consecutive biannual FBI reports. This is enough proof to show that we were lied to about there habits. Especially, we were lied to about the purpose at the safe parking lot. The parking lot is not used as a tool to help homeless, it’s used to attract and market them to come here.

Things Are Not Adding Up With JFS

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG Encinitas is filled with transient and extremely dangerous.

Why did Catherine and her special interest groups invite these criminals here? They did it for personal and financial gain. Every person who clowns you on social media we’re at City Council meetings is getting paid. Their paycheck is derived off of someone’s misery and suffering. As a result the need to maintain that outcome to make the mortgage payments.