JFS lies to Encinitas, turns into a homeless criminal paradise.

The nonprofits lied to Encinitas and have turned us into a homeless hub. As a result, Encinitas crime is skyrocketing. To make matters worse, if residents complain they get attacked by nonprofit teams.

Jewish Family Services knew that Encinitas did not have a homeless problem. They knew because their CEO sits on the board of the Regional Task Force on Homeless. As a result, Michael Hopkins has direct access to perhaps the largest database on San Diego’s homeless. Inexcusably, they chose a town that had about the lowest number of unsheltered homeless in San Diego.

Let’s take a look at this and dissect what they did. Firstly, there were dozens of towns in San Diego that could have used this service. Secondly, since Encinitas hardly had any homeless that means Jewish Family Services would be importing them from other towns. Lastly, they lied to us about their intentions. Those intentions were to fill all of Encinitas with homeless both on foot and in cars.

Why would such a prestigious charity lie about a homeless parking lot?

You would think that JFS would be concerned about their reputation. On the contrary, they likely don’t care because they are raking in the cash. Moreover, millions of dollars in the hand is better than a name in the bush. Besides, nonprofits go sideways all the time and it’s easy to change their names.

This does get a little sticky in the way this went down. For starters, we don’t have a homeless issue and never had 25 Encinitas families living in their cars as was claimed. As a matter of fact, we had zero families living in cars and had five to ten people at most living in their cars. Most compelling evidence, you guys omitted 90% of your plan. Like sneaky Leichtag, you concealed the real plan from Encinitas residence. Jewish Family Services is going to use our home to attract criminals and drug addicts with no intention of stopping. Let’s see it for what it is, Jewish Family Services scammed Encinitas.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG These were the homeless numbers that JFS, Blakespear, Leichtag, RTFH, CRC, Interfaith, CRC, and Lesar Development Consultants knew. They intentionally created a homeless crisis in Encinitas I assume to get paid, and maybe get Blakespear elected to State Sentate.

This was a clear scam from day one. Unfortunately, Encinitas wouldn’t realize the magnitude for several months.

How did we know this was a scam? For starters, we live here and know most of the homeless people. Secondly, we are friends with them so finding out the word on the street about homeless is easy. As a result of the deceptive way this went down, we never trusted Jewish Family Services as far as we could throw them. As a matter of fact, Encinitas as an expert on homelessness who spent 1/3 of his life on the streets. In other words, that person has infinite lived experience to call out one lie after the other.

The most frustrating thing for us is Jewish Family Services is the “pimp” and Encinitas is the “whore.” Basically, they are pimping out our hometown. By the same token, our arms are tied behind our back as they exploit and destroy this once wonderful beach community. Unfortunately, it’s likely going to take a couple raped or murdered kids for our community to take action against this massive bully.

To clarify what they are doing, below is a tiny snapshot of the millions of results that show all of the marketing Madness. As a key point, November 15th, 2019 was Encinitas D-Day. Before that day you would have seen 0 results. Jewish Family Service and Leichtag, maybe some other players, made this happen. Leichtag and JFS are partially responsible for Encinitas crime rate skyrocketing from the #1 lowest in San Diego in January 2020 to the #1 highest by the end of June 2020.

In a nutshell, Jewish Family Services screwed Encinitas unlike anything that’s ever happened to a Coastal Community. We’re never going to forget but they and their Affiliates done and we will never stop fighting back. After all, this is our town or at least it was.