Encinitas News – Catherine Blakespear Censoring

There is a strong push by Catherine Blakespear and her special interest groups to censor Encinitas residents. They both actively hide important information from the community while systematically censoring residents. Without a doubt this is illegal and a blatant violation of our rights.

The reason these group censor us is because they are trying to hide the truth.. They have well coordinated groups whose specific job is to attack and agitate the residents of Encinitas. Since I am of the same demographic they’re trying to exploit they use excessive measures to shut me down.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG An example of what I really said verses what they said I said.

On one hand Catherine Blakespear and her special interest groups love speaking in platitudes more than life itself. Without a doubt this is nothing but meaningless detached garble. In spite of anything they say their number one goal is to control Encinitas and the residents. Consequently exploiting homeless for personal and financial gain is simply an “effect” of their overall mission.

Their ultimate goal is turn Encinitas into is submissive community so they can control every aspect that relates. In other words they want to create their own Utopia and use their wealth and power to establish their own sovereignty. Encinitas is in there iron sights as their flagship for their new rule of governing. In layman their goal is to strip the residents of our rights and control every aspect of our lives.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG How does one get censored for 2 hours? It’s easy when you have a VP of FB as your main supporter.

Do you special interests and city council think we’ll ever forget this?

I personally can’t exist in a world where I am controlled and censored. As a matter of fact I have never had any figure in my lifetime control me. That isn’t to say no individual or group hasn’t tried. On the contrary I have encountered many oppressors throughout my life who’ve tried to strongarm me. 100% of them have failed. In any event, this radicalized ideological movement in Encinitas will fail and isn’t legal. As I have said this extremist unconstitutional transgressions will eventually meet its end.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG Blakespear takes comment above and flips it into a lie.

Hate to break the news, get over yourself Blakespear. You destroyed my town. Look at you, a dishonest scam artist.

Be aware, the harder one attacks and proselytizes the community, is initiating a warranted actionable counter. It’s not as if Encinitas is the aggressor or striking the council and special interests. All things considered, every action taken against Encinitas will be met with an equal or excessive reaction. In short, you control the harmony or disharmony in our community depending upon your transgressions. It’s clear you groups love to cry wolf but that’s because you messed with the wolf first.

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