Take A Look Inside The Portofino

I would not advise going to this place. There was a time that I would go in there and investigate at night time. I can’t do that anymore, this hotel is way too dangerous. Not for reasons you think though.

I have made several videos this hotel the show what’s happening in our town. It really wasn’t even that bad just last year. As a matter of fact, if I was a squatter I would have stayed there last year. There were doors that you could lock and you could get a good night’s sleep there.


That’s not the case now. Without a doubt this is one of the most dangerous locations in Encinitas. For one thing it’s filled with hardcore transients from Oceanside. Secondly there are many gangs that frequent that hotel. Lastly, if you don’t pay attention you’re likely to step on a needle. This doesn’t even count the sketchy people.

As much as the place is visibly shocking, the smells or something else. At least you can see the physical dangers such as drugs, broken glass, and trash everywhere. Consequently there is no warning about the horrific different smells. There’s not even a word to describe it. There’s a possibility it might be some withdrawal throw up. It could be making meth or heroin there. Definitely not a dead body because that would smell better. In sum, trust me on this. I’ve been everywhere but this place oh, that smell, it’s evil.