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Holding Them Accountable. File The Forms Below Or Lose Encinitas. One By One We Will Win.

There are many things that we can do as a community to seek justice and accountability. In order for us to be successful it will require that all of us take action. One voice is not always enough to garner attention however hundreds or thousands of voices cannot be ignored. This is why we together as a community to survive or we die together as a community.

Captain Taft played a huge role in the humanitarian disaster that you see on our streets. Under his watch we had 3 consecutive skyrocketing bi-annual FBI reports proving him a failure. Worse than that is he lied, misled, ommitted, or whatever you want to call it, the “correct” crime statistics. Shortly after he misled Encinitas, the 2020 midyear crime reports came out proving him wrong. We went to #1. He then repeated the same “lying crimes” and blamed “me” basically as he repeated the same talking points of Leichtag and Blakespear.

It’s time for this town to step up. You guys won’t protest which would easily allow us to crush this movement. Everybody is living in fear as the parasites eat you alive. We start one by one. Taft needs to simply “tell the truth” in a public setting. We don’t need to get him in trouble, just do what he was supposed to do in the first place – tell the truth. I have “filings” everywhere but this town needs to shift it’s strategy. Watch these two videos and you’ll see why.

May 22, 2020. Taft lies, hides, omits, and then blames “me” repeating Leichtag and Blakespear’s boloney. Where’s the reports bro? They don’t exist because I didn’t do shit.
1.5 years later this JFS kook is repeating old talking points. In fact, we heard his garbage the first round in November of 2019. Remember, 25 cars to what you see today and they don’t think we have any right to be concerned? Our children are going to be next to FRESHLY RELEASED PRISONERS when they start school.

How to file complaints against Captain Taft for lying or misleading the community. He was proven wrong by the FBI crime stats but he’s a PUPPET. We don’t want to punish him, we simply want the truth.

Captain Taft had a fiduciary obligation to tell us about crime. That’s his job. He hid the truth and we still WANT the truth. His lies allowed the kook nonprofits and city council continue exploiting our town. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST HIM SO HE TELLS THE TRUTH. I don’t want to get anybody in trouble but you see how these snakes work. One person lies and everybody repeats it. How many crimes have I committed according to these idiots? Hundreds. How many complaints have been made to the Sheriffs? ZERO bro. I’m not stupid.

Here’s where you start with CLERB. After that you go to Internal Affairs. I personally have nothing against Taft. He seems like an OK guy and the Deputies liked him. On the other hand look at our streets, community, and the number of kids who are going to be directly impacted at Oakcrest and nearby. This is an EASY thing to do and you can only HOPE to receive backlash. This guys would be SUNK like the Titanic.

Fill out the complaints and contact me with any questions. We are not going to beat this corruption hoping they are going to be honest during an election. The chances of getting new people elected are ZERO until we start smoking out the bad guys. YOU MUST FILE THESE COMPLAINTS!!! One person’s voice doesn’t mean anything but hundreds or thousands of voices mean everything.

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