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I nailed this scam BEFORE the first city council meeting. I lived 1/3rd of my life on those streets and knew these guys would destroy Encinitas. I was right and JFS was wrong. I’ve never wavered from my position.

I had never met him but I was right and he was wrong. He KNEW they were going to continue marketing our town to keep a fresh flow of bodies coming so they can capitalize.

Jewish Family Services “INTENTIONALLY & MALICIOUSLY” misled the community of Encinitas. They KNEW IN ADVANCE that they planned on marketing our town to keep a fresh flow of bodies. What they didn’t take they tossed into our community. Jewish Family Services has lied to Encinitas residents so much, have used nonprofit groups to stack and pack our city council meetings, formed an army of nonprofits against us, and continue to lie and decieve this town.

Michael Hopkins admitting there’s NO EVIDENCE AND DATE TO SUPPORT the success or failure. There is now, it failed.

They have “more than proven” that they can’t be trusted. They’ve burned their trust in this town and that parking lot needs to be stopped immediately. They are using FALSE CRIME NUMBERS to justify putting that parking lot next to our children, who I worried about from day 1. WE DON’T NEED NOR WANT THESE GUYS IN OUR TOWN WITH THEIR CONTINUED DESTRUCTION OF ENCINITAS. There’s a lot more room for things to get worse.

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