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I was right from day 1 about Leichtag, JFS, and this entire scam. The next scam will be the Regional Task Force pretending that Covid is the cause of the homeless crisis that JFS & Leichtag created when they do the count. Ask Michael, Camey, and Anglea, they sit on the boards of RTFH. Get ready for this whopper.

This was the first city council meeting and I said exactly what was going to happen. I wasn’t against this parking lot nor against these charities, I simply knew that their plan was to . Why? Because I’m the only person in town that lived a third of their lives on the street and beat it and succeeded. Instead of listening to me the started a war with me and I’ve been getting blasted for over 2 years. You didn’t know ex-homeless guys are fighters did you?

That night I started getting threats on my life from charity people. It’s not my fault that you guys don’t know what you’re doing and that I busted open your scam. I have a right to be concerned for my community and I pointed out this scam. I caught on to hints, lies, and complete ignorance of homelessness immediately. I knew without a doubt that neither of these groups remotely had a clue about what they were talking about. Before this meeting I also went out to confirm that we were lied to about the 25 families in Encinitas living in their cars with kids in schools who lost their home here in Encinitas.

From that day on I have been attacked by hundreds of people claiming they are part of charities. Charities don’t act like you guys. This is all part of a big long-term planned scam with many players involved. All of the compassionate garbage stuff that you guys preached was part of your act and part of the scam. Everything everything that came out of your mouths was pretty much a lie. You guys have burned your reputation and you’ve burned Encinitas. There’s no reason for you guys to continue with your act. You are all about the money and you plan on bulldozing anybody in your way.

It’s time to realize these are our enemies, not our friends.

The faster we residents realize that these are the enemy as well as Blakespear then the faster we can work on fixing our town. This Disaster at these idiots have caused us only continue to get worse and worse. There is a lot of room left to drag the city down. We’ve already got sirens all day and all night long. All we have to do is get our “bullet shot” count up to 5 or 10 tonight and we become equal the downtown Long Beach in the 90s at the peak of the Blood and Crip Wars.

There’s no reason that we should communicate with any of these charities or scam artists. They have been lying, attacking, censoring, and threatening us from day one. These guys are high power military style operations attacking and destroying our community and residents. Worst of all is there a creating a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions because all they can think about is how much money they can make. We need to treat these people the same way they treat us and they will buckle. Until we treat them the same way they will continue to destroy our town and that means that we are letting them.

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