The Overkill Of Marketing Encinitas To The World’s Homeless Sure Feels Like It.

If you are a resident of Encinitas you can see a massive increase in homeless since the day JFS & Leichtag began marketing our home town around November 15, 2019. We saw other town’s transients migrating within 2 weeks of the marketing campaign. By the end of December 2019, there were more homeless than the entire 51 unsheltered count parked at Moonlight and Swamis alone. Along Leucadia 101 in the open and the nooks and crannies, easily another 50 people.

Encinitas was not told the truth about this safe parking program effects. JFS says “there’s no data, evidence, or reason to believe that a safe parking lot will increase the homeless population in Encinitas.” What they failed to mention is that there is infinite historical information proving that advertising, marketing, generating news, passing the word on to your buddies, 100% always increases the homeless population.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG Who doesn’t think this type of marketing, advertising, news, would NOT encourage people to come here? JFS duped Encinitas.

This story above written by Barbara Henry, who seems to be the mayor’s personal media bias writer, first wrote this article for San Diego Union Tribune. From there it went to offshoots of San Diego Union Tribune and other outlets. This creates a snowball impact because the media knows the idea of putting a homeless parking lot in a town like Encinitas is so outlandish, a town that nearly had homelessness eradicated, is major news.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG Do you know how demeaning it feels for some “outside group” advertising your home town “Overnight parking lot for homeless open for business in Encinitas?” That’s not charity/trying to help people talk. That’s a huge slap in the face to the residents and 501(c)3 nonprofits who aren’t open for business, they are open to helping the unfortunate.

This is why when you Google any form of that parking lot in Encinitas, you are going to get millions of results. This story went viral all through America and all across the world. It’s even been picked up buy an outfit in Australia called Beachgrit. That is a whole other story. The purpose of this article is to argue that JFS should have known what was going to happen, and if they didn’t should have acted when they saw the results. Instead, they doubled down location that has the highest concentration of children in all of Encinitas.

Carol Yellen, an exec at JFS, provding inaccurate information and ommitting the plans to market our community.

Catherine Bleakspear and her nonprofits could not be any further way from keeping the community’s best interest in mind. Katherine Blakespear has actually mounted offensive armies against the residents to push her own political agendas for personal and financial gain for her circle of people. That’s going to stop in my town in Encinitas. Take that s*** elsewhere.