Here is a copy of both sets of master plans for Leichtag Visions For Encinitas. The first copy is the most recent and the next is the oldest one, as far as we know. It’s pretty clear that they have some big plans for Encinitas and may feel a bit more entitled than the rest of Encinitas residents.

There’s a lot to digest but much has been followed in these plans. I suspect that’s the reason why we are seeing many things happen in Encinitas that are not normal. We feel as if we are in a battle with our city council and nonprofits over our town.

There are a lot of bad things happening in Encinitas that make no logical sense. The mayor and her nonprofits are filling Encinitas with other town’s criminal transients. The only logical explanation is for Catherine Blakespear to get promoted to a California senate seat and line the pockets of her charity buddies. She barely had time to get her name on her desk for SANDAG before Encinitas was in her rear view mirror.

Clearly, the choices she has made are absolutely detrimental to the residents of Encinitas and the criminal transients she has brought to our beloved coastal town. Like every other town that opens their door for personal and financial gain, Catherine Blakespear and her nonprofits are absolutely failing the homeless.

Maybe there’s some clues in the master plans as to why Encinitas is in the current state of chaos and dysfunction.