Nasty charity people strike Encinitas Watchdog again.

Encinitas charities have some of the nastiest people I have ever seen in my life. I don’t know on what planet they thought turning Encinitas into San Francisco was a good idea. Even more crazy than that is they attack residents who are mad about the damage they caused.

From what I’ve seen charities are a bunch of $5 actors like Darius shooting spit balls through a straw. They are so in love with themselves they can’t see their hand in front of their own faces. When the cameras are on they are high end used car salesmen. When the cameras are off they are nasty and attack us residents like the plague. I’m not sure who the genius was that thought turning Encinitas into San Francisco was a good idea. Encinitas Watchdog called your bluff and now you’re paying for it.

I don’t quite understand how your brains work. It’s clear as day that they give no cares about Encinitas. Furthermore, this compassion thing is a circus side show. If we were in the middle of a category 5 compassion hurricane you’d all be dry. The lack of moral compass and remorse is absolutely shocking. The non-stop attacks that all of you do on a daily basis is inconceivable. Everything that you called innocent residents would actually be a compliment if it was said about you tools. You guys are infinitely worse than anything you called us.

These charity people never stop. They are nasty mofos. They aren’t helping their reputations by turning Encinitas into San Francisco.

We are never going to stop defending our town so you guys can exploit our community while using humans as slaves. That’s the reason nobody likes you guys. You had choices and you chose to be the bad guy. There’s no reason to be crying wolf and pointing fingers now. This mess is 100% your fault.

There’s no way that you guys will continue this humanitarian crisis. For the good of human nature I will stop to stop you guys. This feels to me like an evil Encinitas Nazi nightmare come true. I cannot believe but the Germans were capable of. Even more disturbing I cannot believe what charities are capable of. This kind of nonsense has no business being in my town.

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