Oakcrest Shelter, Ticking Time Bomb.

The transient parking lot hasn’t even opened yet and there are daily calls for deputies. Moreover we can predict what will happen when it opens and is marketed to the world. Look no further then the hotels and there’s only one possible outcome, a disaster of biblical proportions.

It’s important to realize that this parking lot is not the first go-around in Encinitas. Since it was announced in 2019 we have records and results to measure the performance and determine the outcome of the Oakcrest Shelter. Without a doubt it is the biggest disaster in the history of Encinitas. At present time we are experiencing the worst drug and crime problems we’ve ever seen and Encinitas is a ticking time bomb.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG As long as a special interest groups control our city council there’s no limit on the amount of harm they can cause.

In spite of what I just mentioned that is actually the good news. This is good news is there are no unknowns and we can foresee the expected results of the Oakcrest Shelter. In light of thus there is a much bigger danger to Encinitas than a bunch of transients doing drugs and committing crimes. Without question Blakespear and her nonprofits are the biggest danger to our community.

This call was from 9:08 a.m. this morning. These calls happen on a daily basis and the shelter hasn’t even opened yet.

Encinitas residents no longer have a say in our own community.

It’s important to realize that neither the city council nor nonprofits groups have never been honest nor told the truth about this crisis they created. As a matter of fact they are doing everything possible to keep this community in the dark. In other words they’ve lied and hidden the truth for two consecutive years. As a result anything they say is meaningless because they’ve lied so much nothing they say holds any weight.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG Without a doubt transients are going to take this place over. Blakespear and the nonprofits know this. If we don’t stop this ticking time bomb, it is a virtual guarantee this is going to become the Disneyland magnet of homeless shelters.

Given these points it is crystal clear that they have started some ideological war with Encinitas. It is a fair assessment to conclude that whatever their overall vision is part of that includes destroying the safety of our community. Clearly they do not care about Encinitas and our children. As long as they are in charge of our city council we will never be allowed input in our own town. There is no limit to the amount of harm they can cause nor are there any obstacles in their way.

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