Sex Traffickers, Flashers. Dangerous For Oakcrest Kids.

Catherine Blakespear does not care about you or your children. If she did she wouldn’t be opening a dangerous homeless shelter next to Oakcrest.

Catherine Blakespear is the only documented mayor who intentionally filled our town with sex traffickers and flashers. There’s no other confirmed mayor in history that has done this. No caring person would put these dangerous criminals next to Oakcrest kids. Furthermore no normal person would put our children in harm’s way but Catherine isn’t normal. She has proven that in order to get what she wants she will do anything.

Catherine Blakespear enabling sex traffickers in Encinitas.

She doesn’t want you to know the significant dangers she’s caused. It’s more important for Catherine to create a revenue stream for her nonprofits then to protect our children. She did a lot of work to personally create this manufactured crisis and our children are simply collateral damage to her. Yet here we are today fighting the grand opening of the National Oakcrest Sex Trafficking Shelter by our kids.

Catherine Blakespear’s flashers will be dropping their pants left and right at Oakcrest.

The damage that Catherine Blakespear has caused Encinitas already is irreversible. Moreover the dangers really haven’t started yet. Despite San Diego being one of the most dangerous sex trafficking towns in America, 31 were also recently busted here in Encinitas. By the same token she has set them up so that they can monitor and choose who they want to kidnap without being bothered.

Flashers are practicing daily for Oakcrest.

All in all things are not looking good for our middle schoolers in and around Oakcrest. Everything that you can imagine is already happening there but Blakespear’s hiding the dangerous truth. Therefore it’s important that you parents do everything to protect your kids because Catherine Blakespear’s doing everything to harm them.

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