lying Blakespear

Stone Cold Lying Blakespear

6/8/2021 The mayor of Encinitas is so proliferate in lying, I’m not sure if she’s capable of telling the truth.

Catherine Blakespear is perhaps the most lying mayor in the history of San Diego. For the past 1 1/2 years that I have listened to her statements of planned actions, she never seems to produce the results promised.

A great example is the homeless parking lot. Her promised action was helping 25 Encinitas families living in cars, elderly, and professionals. What the actual result ended up being was filling our town with thousands of homeless instead.

Her ideas are detrimental to the community and that’s why she lies all the time. She relies on scam tactics like bullying, censoring, threatening, and any action she can take to keep the residents in the dark. The video below will show you some examples of the way she operates.

With Catherine Blakespear you get what you pay for. Let’s get an upgrade next time.