Taft Is No Longer Here, But His Lies Live On

The damage his lies caused this town are insurmountable. The fact that he intentionally misled Encinitas is grounds for accountability. The Sheriff’s Department has the highest standards in the country and need to fix this disaster.

I’m not sure what the circumstances were that caused that Captain Taft to leave North Coastal Sheriff’s. Without a doubt he played a big part and destroying Encinitas and possibly all of North County. On May 20th, 2020, he claimed at a city council meeting that the Safe Parking Program absolutely no impact on crime. Secondly, he completely ignored his assigned graphical area. Lastly, he the non-stop flow of other town’s transient who were being stuffed into our local hotels.

I tried for ages to get a meeting with him and discuss crime statistics as well as the impact of transients on our town. Unfortunately this was going on during during Covid. As a result the meeting never materialized.. Comparatively I was gathering crime data that significantly conflicted with Captain Taft’s May 20th crime assessment.

Both our mayor and her special interest groups overtly lied to the residents of Encinitas. As a result this eroded our trust in these groups. In light of the blatant lying by these groups I needed to address my findings to figure out what was going on. In short the differences in our numbers is staggering.


Captain Taft was part of the problem not the solution.

There’s a lot of groups and individuals exploiting Encinitas right now. Given these points now we had no idea ofthe magnitude of groups involved in this scam. At this time we are in discovery mode and putting pieces of the puzzle together. To be clear we knew something was fishy but not how titanic it was.

My gut told me that Captain Taft was not only lying but was also a participant in the scam. My heart is very much on the side of law enforcement and I’ve always trusted them. In spite of my great trust in law enforcement there was one little dig by Captain Taft that I picked up on. Had it not been for that subtle dig I likely would have stopped my investigation.

This is the dig I’m talking about. At the city council meeting Captain Taft implied the problems are the residents like myself. “There are individuals for whatever reason that have called in crimes that we’ve unfounded, there are individuals that have trespassed on the property. There are individuals for some reason I feel is trying to antagonize the group there, so that’s where we’ve had the issues. It’s not with the people using the service.”

Captain Taft got his information from Leichtag because the Coast News investigated the allegations and found them to be false.

It was at this point that my heart sunk. In similar fashion I noticed he repeated talking points by the VP of Leichtag who hosts the lot. This what’s the most compelling evidence that Captain Taft was in bed with the special interest groups. The VP of Leichtag, Charlene Seidel, attacked me several times by making false accusations about being white supremacists, anti-Semitic, anti-homeless.

The truth is that both Taft and Charlene lied. As a result, they’ve destroyed my good name in my town and are responsible for nonstop attacks on me and my family. On the contrary, the real reason I spoke up was because I spent nearly a third of my life on the streets. I knew they were scamming this town and I was obligated to protect my community.


As a result of Captain Taft and Charlene’s lies like homeless number aren’t growing or too obvious. In essence the real liars are calling me a liar. Evidentially, like regular people, these two are high profile individuals yielding an inordinate amount of power. Subsequently no matter how easily I could prove the truth, there lies are more weight because of their high profiles. These two should know better to not be so reckless.

All things considered the fact I use the truth to try to protect my community my character was assassinated. I was 100% right about crime sand homeless numbers skyrocketing. On the flipside, both of these high profile people denied it. The powers of high-profile people like these two is that they can cancel out an FBI report as well as a Point In Time homeless count.

They love the preach about justice, social equity, social justice, but what about justice for me? At no point did I ever lie about facts or committed any of the actions that they implied. In short, it didn’t matter that I was right about everything while they were wrong/. In the corrupt world that they’re part of little things like facts and evidence bare no importance.