Terra Lawson-Remer – Double Standard?

She states “…this county has been run by special interests who are not accountable to the community?”

It is interesting to see what Terra said about special interest groups this past June. She implies those special interest groups are bad and are not accountable to the community. Those words are a double standard when you consider the groups she’s in bed with now.

Courtesy of NBC San Diego 7.

Terra is in bed with extremely deceptive special interest groups who are destroying Encinitas. Firstly they forced an unneeded homeless parking lot on Encinitas. Secondly, they filled Encinitas with hundreds or thousands of homeless. Furthermore, they likely filled North County with the largest migration of homeless in our history.

These groups are taking advantage of the homeless so they can make millions of dollars in state grants. It’s basically modern-day slave trade. Equally disturbing is the a fact they are marketing Encinitas implying that we have housing. As a result Encinitas crime has skyrocketed out of control and they created a nonstop flow of homeless to exploit.

The superintendent not only is in bed with these groups, she’s also funding attack groups.


Terra Lawson-Remer is also funding a nasty group in Encinitas called E4E. This group is basically a bandwagon attack group that the does the dirty work in town. Firstly they attack residents on social media to silence and or censor them. Secondly they act as opposition to the residents at City Council meetings. Lastly, Terra has them fighting residents to support that parking lot which is a cash cow for her special interest groups.

Lost in in all of this political garbage is the fact her groups are exploiting homeless for money. This is unacceptable and appalling. I was one of those homeless people for a third of my life and was treated dreadfully. All in all I agree that these groups need to be held accountable to the community, like Terra said. As a matter of fact we need to start with Terra herself and her relationship to these special interest groups. Especially with that vile E4E bandwagon kook group full of snobby entitled snakes.

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