The Real Encinitas Watchdog Story

This Isn’t About Charities, It’s About Greed. Watch the video so you can understand.

Encinitas Watchdog was formed after a small group of charities turned Encinitas into a homeless magnet. These groups wanted to use our town to capitalize on the millions of dollars of state grants. This money was supposed to go to communities who already have a homeless crisis and need housing.

In the case of Encinitas, these groups use the money to attract and grow the homeless so they can financially enrich themselves. As a result, they’ve filled our town with countless criminals which has skyrocketed crime out of control. Encinitas Watchdog’s mission is to keep our town safe.

This explains a lot about us.

How Beach People Roll.

Beach communities typically consist of people who appreciate simple joys of life. We love the ocean, we are very laid-back, and we are grateful how lucky we are.  Beach people are the most acceptable communities in society and it’s one place where people view each other as equals. For example, we don’t care about materialistic things. In some cases the more you show off the less desirable you become.

The idea is that beach people are a classless society for the most part.  We are a group of accepting people who consist of all diverse people across the socioeconomic spectrum. In other words, money and materialistic objects bear no importance for real beach people. This would explain why the community of Encinitas was shell-shocked when we found out that a small group of nonprofits wanted to capitalize on state grants for homeless.

Real beach people would never take advantage of the less fortunate. In fact, real beach people are some of the most giving people on the planet. There is no other group a people who do so much for each other for the sole purpose a seeing somebody get stoked. For example, if there’s a brother or sister needed something say like a wetsuit, you’re going to have dozens of people trying to help out. They want to make sure that that person is in the water and that they are warm. Stoked surfers are happy people.

Encinitas, Attacked and Insulted by Nonprofits.

Nonprofits are attacking and insulting Encinitas.

You can only imagine the level of shock at this Beach Community felt when this homeless parking lot was put on the table shut out of any input. In general, if a group felt the need for a demographic to be helped, beach people would be the first ones to jump in and do anything they can.  Is a beach clean-up, somebody needs a wet suit, a family lost their home and needs a place to stay, of course we will take them. That’s what real beach people do.

That was not the case on November 20th, 2019, when the mayor and nonprofits colluded behind the backs of the residents and then attacked us like we were heartless savages. At the city council meeting these groups did everything in their power to shame, belittle, and attack the nicest people on the planet. These nonprofit groups and people completely caught us off-guard. Who could be so low that they would attack people they don’t know label us as these godforsaken people when they don’t even know us?

How Low Can Nonprofits Go?

These people made it clear that they we’re willing to say and do anything to get themselves a piece of that personal or financial homeless state grant pie.  The things that they said about my community neighbors is probably one of the most vile and vitriolic events to ever happen to a beach community.  I view this event as the largest showcase of entitlement and greed of any act in my lifetime. It’s shocking.

These people attacked our community in a similar way that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Japan attacked America to prevent us from attacking them. These people attacked Encinitas residents for the sole purpose of using humans to personally and financially enrich themselves. They don’t care about the homeless oh, they don’t care about their neighbors, and they don’t care about the harm they caused the community. They only care about themselves.

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