This was kind of in the initial phases of this fake crisis when I was at least able to keep up with the police scanner. I’d park on D Street and the 101 frequently in between calls. Those were the good old days when all of this stuff was new to me. I saw a transient male and acting odd so I decided to video him.

This video was made near the beginning of the transient crisis. There were times when it was difficult to much crying because it hadn’t got out of control yet. In this situation I parked on D Street and 101 because that’s where most of the action was. This transient was doing basketball free-throw gestures so I decided I would video him.

Deuce, deuce

The next thing I know is he walked over to the trash can it look like he was going to take a pee. Since the trash can was blocking him I continue to video. All of the sudden he turned around and went into a squat position. What’s more is that a manager across the street began screaming at this transient.

It all happened so fast that I was convinced there’s no way is transient went number two that fast. Secondly, the bathroom was right across the street so it didn’t make any sense to drop a load in public oh, so I thought. I’ll let the video tell the rest of the story.