Violent Criminals Move By Middle Schools

Violent criminals are the main attraction of the JFS transient magnet parking lot. We’ve listened to the lies of JFS and Blakespear. Now they want this danger by our middle schools.

When the parking lot was rammed down the throats of the residents we knew nothing good was going to be bad. That’s why the mayor and special interest groups tried to sneak it behind our backs. Fortunately a whistleblower notified us about this scam so we expected to have input. That never happened because Blakespear was always going to destroy Encinitas.

If Encinitas knows anything we know the damage caused by criminal transients. Basically we watched the transient migration unfold while crime began shattering records. By the same token we saw the mayor fill local hotels with other town’s prostitutes, criminals, and drug dealers. Furthermore we watch them destroy our hotels and witnessed law enforcement there daily.

One of the hotels destroyed by criminals.

Additionally as we monitored everything Sheriff Taft lied to the community about in regards to crime statistics. What’s more is he never acknowledged the massive crime caused by these people. As a result this lie was justification for them to keeps filling our town. Despite the carnage to Encinitas, the mayor did not care.

All things considered it’s not a shock that she is willing to put our children In harm’s way. She certainly has shown that she wants to harm this town as much as possible. What’s more is now she wants to put our children In harms way. Undoubtedly she has malicious intent. Unfortunately there is a lot more harm she can cause and Encinitas can expect maximum carnage.