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Why Captain Taft’s lie about crime is so significant.

Encinitas residents have been getting lied to for two years straight by Blakespear and involved nonprofits. That is why when the time came for Captain Taft to ” tell the truth about the real crime numbers,” it was a devastating blow when he lied to us. We knew with absolute certainty that crime had skyrocketed and we never expected law enforcement to deceive us. The #1 guy for all of North County San Diego said that “the Safe Parking Program had no impact on crime.”

The safe parking program entails all aspects related to the safe parking program. It includes all the transients brought here through marketing Encinitas to the world. On May 22nd, 2020, when Captain Taft spoke about crime he knew he was lying to us. He dropped a “hint” by saying “per what you asked for” to Blakespear. What did she ask him for? Whatever it took for him to LIE to Encinitas.

swamissurfer | ENCINITAS WATCHDOG You can compare 2019 to 2021 where it’s regular people verse transients. Calls to the Sheriff skyrocketed.

I just received this from the public records and I don’t know if it’s even correct. If you look at 2019 before the hotels were filled you can see calls for service in 2019. 2020 wasn’t a complete year to make any real comparisons. On the their hand, 2021 we have something a little bit more tangible. Those hotels, and many more not on this list, only transient from other towns. The hotels were part of the Safe Parking Program and we’re filled with some of the people parked at Leichtag and others attracted here by marketing.

We confirmed that Taft was lying when Blakespear’s own SANDAG / FBI report proved we were telling the truth the entire time. It also proved that Blakespear, all her nonprofits, and Captain Taft all lied to us. As a result of his lie JFS used false information to justify renewing the parking lot contract. Even recently, JFS repeated false numbers. Encinitas can’t continue dealing with this nightmare. This is absolutely amazing how we have to deal with this garbage.

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